Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patty's Edition

One of my favorite holidays is among us...
Here are a few inspiring shots for you to enjoy since I will be traveling tomorrow and will not be able to post.
I am pretty stoked that I get to spend my St. Patty's day at my Grammys in California surrounded by family. I am SOEXCITED!!!

What are your plans this weekend?
Love you all and wish you an awesome weekend!

How about a mint shake!

How awesome is this cake? One of these days I really must attempt the multi colored layer cake. They are just too happy looking!

I just had to post this. Too freaking funny!

Source: via Josie on Pinterest

Wishful thinking...hoping to keep my shorts handy for this trip. We have been spoiled by one awesome winter here on the east coast with the last week in the 70's.

Shayla, I think you have these sandals!

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