Friday, July 12, 2013

Times are a changen.

This quote just makes me happy!

So I realize that I have been completely radio silent for like months. I apologize!
We listed our house on the market a little over three-months ago. It sold a month ago.
During the last 5 weeks we wandered the country searching for the next best place to settle our family.

We have been to the Bay area to Raleigh and back to NJ in search of where God wants us. We  have looked at tiny homes, big homes, apartments, condos, beautiful historic homes, and creapy homes. We have looked at cheap homes and million dollar homes, we have looked in the west, we have looked in the south and we have looked in the north east. I have yelled at God for not allowing me to live back home in the Bay Area for now. I have worried that we would not find somewhere to live before our house closes next Friday and our home is emptied out by complete strangers packing up my belongings and shoving them on a truck.
There are a million tiny moving parts in our life right now and I know without a doubt that two weeks from now I will look back exhausted knowing I am right where He wants me. Isn't that awesome!

As of a half our ago we are holding a lease agreement for the very first home Ryan and I looked at in Raleigh and the very first home after weeks of looking that we both agreed could be the next place to settle on our journey. The house is also for sale so we have decided to rent first and place an offer if we are led to do so later. 

Its been rocky. Its been an adventure. I am ready for the next chapter south of the Mason Dixon line.
For those of you who know me you will not be surprised by my new to-do list:
* learn to line dance
* buy Lilly and I at least one more pair of cowgirl boots
* learn to slow down
* create MORE! (I will have my own studio space in this house and it makes me so happy that I could pee my pants)

There is my excuse for the lack of my blogging rambling. I am going to try my darndest to document our live changes over the next few weeks. STAYTUNED!!