Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My favorite cozy place at night. Baby in bed; wine in hand...

My favorite spring smell...Hyacinth...this pretty was on sale at Whole Foods the other day. I  couldn't pass them up.

My favorite homemade breakfast...warm banana nut muffins...Lilly would eat this entire pan if she could!

Happy Spring lalalallaaa!!!

Thank you cards...

I do not know about you but I either hate the cheesey options I have to choose from when shopping for the perfect thank you cards or I can not spend 30 buckaroos on a set of 20 cards. I decided to head out to Michaels the other day and make some of my own!
Owls seem to be very in; from jewelry to t-shirts...why not on some home made "Thank You" postcards! Sure! Here are some shots of yesterdays craft. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RuMe bags!

Let me start by saying I think I will always be on the hunt for the perfect carry on bag. 
Now that my life is a bit more complicated with sippy cups, baby wipes, snacks, toys, diapers...oh, and me stuff... I need the bag that I can juggle with on in one trip. Also, now that airline travel gets more complicated by the second I need the bag that will be my best friend through the airport. 
I stumbled across these bags on one of my baby nap time browsing times: RuMe bags. Let me just say they have adorable grocery shopping bags, kiddo bags, snack bags, carry on bags, and "diaper" bags! 
Here are links to a few of my favs: 

My pretty princess...

Lilly as she explores the yard. Reflecting on this afternoon I realize that our little girl was not yet able to walk the last time she would have been able to explore a warm afternoon in the yard! Time sure flys!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Agent 1.5 AKA Lilly Lue

We are having too much fun making movies with our new Mac. Man, this thing is fun...
As I sit and listen to the thunderstorm going on outside, my daughter STILL talking in her crib an hour-after bed time and reflect on my day of snow...(crazy action day....) I thought I could try to get this video on the blog. Yay! It worked!
Enjoy & I assure you...there will be more videos!
Okay, back to "Throw Down with Bobby Flay", dreaming of the key lime pie they are making and get myself another glass of wine...Toodles...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

To commemorate our Irish blood I always get really excited about corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Guinness, Bailys and family. I miss my family...

Thanks to my dear friend Tina I have found a new recipe to add to the Keefe Family St. Patty's menu: Guinness cupcakes with Bailys cream cheese frosting. Let me just say...amazing!

And here is my amazingly beautiful little Lilly
(kissing her monkey...)

Kisses everyone! Wishing you a fabulous St. Patricks Day! Blessings!

Silikid cups are the bomb!!

So I just received an order of beginner cups for Lilly. I LOVE THEM! 
First of all, I have always been all about the glass for her. I know its crazy, but plastic products for eating/ drinking scares me. 
These are glass cups that come in 6 & 9oz. sizes. I purchased the 6oz. size for Lilly. They are unbreakable, dishwasher safe and adorable!
Check out more Silikids products here!

PS I am thinking of getting the 9oz.'ers for my Margarita's this summer. ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Its Party Time...

Stationary for the Modern Hostess
I am super stoked to have found this website and for those of you who like to throw yourself a little party here and there; check this site out. Very cool & very affordable. Love!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Lilly pictures!

First of all thanks to Lilly's Tia Shayla we have new pictures. The little rascal only posses for her Tia...*pff*

Keeping with the theme. Sea Salt.

I am in love with the new candle I purchased yesterday at Williams Sonoma!
This candle does indeed smell like the ocean and for those of you that want the calm smell lingering through your home...go and get it!

Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Boxed Candle, Fleur De Sel

Friday, March 4, 2011

P.S. Caribbean, I miss you...

We are back and no, besides me having missed my daughter I am not happy to be back in the cold northeast...Ryan and I had a fabulous time on our annual Caribbean vacation minus baby. Here are a few shots!
The view from my grass hut on the beach.

The view from our room.

The view of my signature drink of the week. The "Ginito": Tanqueray, giner ale & mint. Yummo!

The only shade I had on my last day...hence the serious white girl burn that I was blessed enough to bring home with me.

The beach bar.

The town of Punda.

The prettiest alley ever.

Our hotel lobby. Average temperature of 80 degrees...gotta love the open air.

View from the pool bar on our last night.

Its me happy, relaxed and tan; I mean burnt. :-(

Toodles everyone; I do promise to post more. I know I have been bad...