Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loving you.

In honor of loving yourself and "I cook" Wednesday I am posting a picture of a gorgeous taco salad!
We have kicked our eating clean into gear around here for a few weeks. Man, do I feel so much better.
I bought Crazy Sexy Kitchen last week from Amazon.
Love, love, love it! 
I would say to those of you who want to start changing your diet and keep your temple alkaline to start with this great cookbook. Kris Carr knows what she is talking about and gives a lot of information that is easy to understand.

Spring is in the air. I am really getting itchy for some spring fresh salads and this one spoke to me!
Take a look at the recipe here at Yummy Mummy Kitchen:

Happy Wednesday everyone! ox

Source: via CB on Pinterest

Monday, February 25, 2013

These spaces make me smile.

I just love the corner of our bedroom that I have carved out for my creative space.
That said; it would be nice to have my own room or shed to do it all in.
Looking through many images this morning has made me very happy.
Would you just look at some of these?!

I LOVE the giant linen pin board above this desk.
Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

This space is elegant and organized.
May be a little to elegant and organized for me personally but beautiful nonetheless. 
Source: via Judy on Pinterest

The color and cozy chair in this space are amazing.
Would you look at all of the fun jars holding crafty goodness on the shelves!

I am loving the vintage prints in this one.
The mint brick wall is awesome. The perfect backdrop.
Source: via malu on Pinterest

With all of this light, high ceilings and views from this ginormous window one is sure to be inspired!

This is looking a lot like the corner of my room.
I just love the artsy nuggets you see in every nook of this image! 
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

This is one of my favs.
Vintage floors, bright white and swatches everywhere.

Now we are talking.
An art shed??? YES, PLEASE!
I can smell the fresh air and hear the birds chirping as I type this.
What heaven this would be to create in...
Source: via Haley on Pinterest

This looks like a nook I would like to carve out in Lilly's room.
My little does like to color and paint just like her Mommy & this space is colorful, bright and whimsical.

Lets face it...I am going to need to continue this segment because I am finding way too many inspiring places!
Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh yes, more pics!

As promised and a day are a few more pictures from our trip out to Santa Cruz.
This was a really heavy trip.
We lost our Grandfather.
A few short weeks later we lost our Grandmother.
There are soooo very many memories here.

As you can see our children have picked up where we left off in the love of sunset hours on the beach at Rio Del Mar.

Dinner in Monterey. Great restaurant at the Clement Hotel (The C Bar). 
We were a little chilly but boy was it worth it with the waves crashing just a few feet away.
There is nothing like fresh sea air and loved ones to make everything just a little better.
Me, my sister Cassie, my Mom & Dad.

Lilly and I fell a bit behind from the pack thanks her her needing to check out every shell piece there was along the waters edge.
Love her.

Isn't it amazing that we have a God that created such beautiful places for us to enjoy...because He loves us so dang much.
It makes me cry...

Lilly & Papa.
Once again Lilly is not afraid of a little frostbite on her toes.
This water literally makes your feet hurt, but man is it beautiful!

On that note. What are you all up to this weekend?
We have a sitter tonight and are heading out to dinner. New restaurant in Red Bank is getting some good reviews. :) 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Late CA pics! Part 1

These are WAY PAST DUE!
I apologize to my family for the delay. Getting time to sit at my computer without interruption is a challenge with a girl that doesn't sit freaking still for 2 seconds.
Loading pictures can be super frustrating.
As I sit here trying this she is throwing balloons at my face insisting that I play catch with them.

There will be more. I promise.

Lilly loves being at the beach.
Honestly, she does not seem to care if it is 100 degrees or 50 degrees.
Like mama, like daughter.
Looks like she is working on her mamas cheesy smile too. ;)

Yes, Macie learned to dig in the sand this day. No joke.
Lilly was in heaven with her favorite friend in the whole world.

My beautiful mom & aunt enjoying some fresh beach air after a hellacious week.
Love these women so much...

Lilly was not bothered by the freezing water of the northern Pacific ocean.
Good thing you can not see my grimacing face from my feet going numb.

My Dad taking in the beautiful sunset.
I love this picture.

Love Cayman!

As promised I am posting a few pictures from our trip.
I will also be adding pictures of our trip to California in a few minutes. Yay!!!!!

This is my happy Cayman face.
I would like for you all to take notice of my awesome new old lady beach hat. I love it for its coverage and the fact that it lays flat in my suitcase. Travel friendly I tell ya!

Don't you just love my cheesy-holding-the-camera-myself pics?
They are lovely.

This is a picture of the mojito that I had every single day with my lunch.
No judging. I was on vacation. :)

Most of my pictures of the water are taken around sunset. This is due to the fact that after all of my book reading and swimming I finally remembered to snap shots at the end of the day.
Would you just look at this view from my beach chair.
Beyond peaceful.

There is a new area that they are building up on the island that is similar to Pier Village in Long Branch here in NJ.
It has a lot of shopping and restaurants.
There is an amazing observation tower thats inside is covered in amazing mosaics.

Camana Bay from the top of the tower.

Forgive the water shots.
There are a few.
I wanted to make sure to have lots of images to print out for myself as reminders of where my soul finds rest.
I am beyond thankful that I have a God that created such a beautiful place.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I love to smile.

Oh, boy is it true that peace begins with a smile.

We just got back from a much needed vacation (pictures to follow, I promise).
I was in that place where it just took too much energy to smile. I was in my dark place.
I needed peace.
It was not until I was blessed enough to get away, get quiet, get warm, get some sand in between my toes, & swim in the salt water that I was able to smile.
I am not talking about the every day smile. I am talking about the smile where you feel it all over your body, you feel your soul smiling again.
Where you can breathe again.
Anyone else know what I am talking about?

Peace sure does follow & boy am I am thankful girl right now.

Happy Monday everyone. Love you!!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Its been a rough week.
I thought I would post a few happy things. It is Friday after all. :) 

Here is to praying that we can actually get out of this nor eastern blizzard that is on its way tonight & enjoy some sand and sun. I need to reboot after the last 13-months of life.

I am inspired to:
Take one step at a time.

I am inspired to take the bridge where ever it may lead.
Doesn't this bridge make you want to breathe in the spring air and disappear for a long walk?

I am inspired by the shear cheer of this lil house.
This looks to be about the cheeriest Valentines Day house ever!
Mommys new get-away house? Yes, please!

Often times I am inspired over breakfast and my morning coffee.
Since it is breakfast time this little nook of a dining area is speaking to me. How cheery is this corner!
Its bright, yellow and sunny. Happiness!

Inspired to try this recipe. I have had it saved to my favorites for a while now!
Blueberry cream french toast. Boy, am I hungry!!

What are all of your plans this weekend? Are you feeling any specific inspiration?
I am praying that during my week off I am inspired to be inspired. I feel like this will mean that I am simply still and simply in touch and listening to what God may be trying to tell me.
Ever get the feeling like you may be missing a serious life lesson because you can not calm yourself the freak down!?
I sure do.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love thyself.

I was reading this post yesterday.

I have honestly been trying to write this post for 4-hours now and just can not get the right words out.
Bottom line is that the above post spoke to me. I have put Mere Christianity on my Kindle & I am so glad that I am a work in progress. :)
Happy Tuesday everyone.