Monday, February 25, 2013

These spaces make me smile.

I just love the corner of our bedroom that I have carved out for my creative space.
That said; it would be nice to have my own room or shed to do it all in.
Looking through many images this morning has made me very happy.
Would you just look at some of these?!

I LOVE the giant linen pin board above this desk.
Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

This space is elegant and organized.
May be a little to elegant and organized for me personally but beautiful nonetheless. 
Source: via Judy on Pinterest

The color and cozy chair in this space are amazing.
Would you look at all of the fun jars holding crafty goodness on the shelves!

I am loving the vintage prints in this one.
The mint brick wall is awesome. The perfect backdrop.
Source: via malu on Pinterest

With all of this light, high ceilings and views from this ginormous window one is sure to be inspired!

This is looking a lot like the corner of my room.
I just love the artsy nuggets you see in every nook of this image! 
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

This is one of my favs.
Vintage floors, bright white and swatches everywhere.

Now we are talking.
An art shed??? YES, PLEASE!
I can smell the fresh air and hear the birds chirping as I type this.
What heaven this would be to create in...
Source: via Haley on Pinterest

This looks like a nook I would like to carve out in Lilly's room.
My little does like to color and paint just like her Mommy & this space is colorful, bright and whimsical.

Lets face it...I am going to need to continue this segment because I am finding way too many inspiring places!
Happy Monday everyone!

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