Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So now...I "pin"...

As some of you may have noticed I am finding some pretty awesome pictures to post onto this here blog. I have been sitting back and watching people for a while. I have been watching and I have been reading lots of posts of people talking about this "Pinterest". I have been reading people post posts on how addictive it is, how silly it is, how genius it is...bottom line is:

Its my crack!

My last straw was Shannon over at Shannanigans post that made me first of all laugh like the seal that her post refers to and second have to have me a gander...so I did...the end.

I am an idea junkie and this website is FULL of ideas and FULL of awesome inspiration. My advice is: be ready to be hooked. I am in love. I know it is silly but there are beautiful pictures, awesome party ideas, genius decorating ideas, recipes, pretty things, silly things and it links you to other people that enjoy the same inspirations as you do.

That is that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So ~ hubbie is gone again and my daughter (the apple of my eye, my lovie-dovie, my little peach, my LuLu) decided that in my moments of weakness, of sheer cleaning madness and exhaustion to take a black ball point pen to every SINGLE WHITE COUCH CUSHION on BOTH couches in the living room...
Now, this was not only a line or two or her name (I wish) this was a fraken scribble fest!!!!!!

Oh yeah she got the wall too...

...all while I was catching a shower to regain sanity.

Well, the sanity was lost and I screamed and yes, I am glad the windows were closed so that the neighbors didn't hear me scream "Lilly!!! NOOOOOO!!! No pens!!! etc..."

That was that.

I am just glad they are slip covered and that we could go to Target for more bleach and more Tide stain removal/ booster thingys once I had gone through them after 2-loads of laundry and the pen still laughing at me all over my slip covers...

Yes, I went through a little more than half of a bottle of Chardonnay all by me self last night. Yes, it made me feel better.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wine, sand & sun...solo

I thought the appropriate color for this post is orange...since its my favorite and it resembles the sunshine that is shining down on me today! I left this morning on a solo retreat and am vowing to myself to let it be all about me for the next two days. Yes, this sounds odd to say...but it needs to be said by more of us moms more often. I am not going to worry about the sheets that need to be changed, the laundry that needs to be done, the melon that we are out of for breakfast tomorrow that WILL result in a tantrum, the diapers that need to be changed, the swim lesson that we are missing, the grocery list that needs to be made, the nap time that my daughter is refusing to give in to, the Jersey driver that has just cut me off on the way to the market, the lady that gave me an evil eye in Old Navy when my daughter threw her goldfish across the isle, what is for dinner and where my wine is...for the next 48-hours...

The sun is out, the sand is across the street, the wine is in my little hotel fridge and I don't know what I will have for dinner, I will take a walk and find someplace...quiet, with out door seating and I will order dinner and I will drink (more)wine and I will read. 

That's it. There is no plan and I love that there is no plan ... and no whining. Thank you Lord...

The beach motel I am hanging at for the next few days.

My new favorite organic Chardonnay that I have stocked in the fridge.

The anniversary gift that is going to get tons of action this week.

The End.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One place I have always dreamed about going is Tybee Island right off of Savannas shores in Georgia. It looks like the perfect little beach town and is FILLED with the most adorable beach cottages. My heaven...truly.
One of my very favorite blogs The Lettered Cottage  posted today on their stay at this particular cottage (pictured below) called Sea Breeze Inn. I am in love and must stay here soon. Check out the pictures below and when you have a chance take a gander at Kevin and Layla's blog. 

I think I need a vacation to Tybee!

P.S. I am reading Beach Rental now. The book this adorable home's author owns. I love it. A great summer, happy read. Summer Rental

Monday, June 6, 2011

Outdoor playtime is the best!

Noni and Pop-pop dropped off a Little Tykes play house the other day...Lilly has not wanted it to leave her site since. From the moment she wakes up until bed time its all about "my house".
Lilly and I have some decorating plans in the works. It needs curtains and more flowers to start. Then area rugs and dishes. This is going to be a fun project. :)

The little house fits perfect in the corner of the deck and blocks the stairway. No gate needed; awesome!
Now that I am looking at it...a welcome mat and an american flag? Yes!

I have been promising pictures of my SCORE of a  $60.00 teak table and chair set for our deck! I have no shame in purchasing stuff off of the neighbors lawn on random Thursday afternoons. Love it.

Here is an updated picture of the living space that we occupy each night. I am working on getting more pots and an area rug. Almost finished!