Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Construction Zone...!!

I had to throw in a shot of my blossoming Hydrangea ;)

A man + his girl + his new deck = one happy man!

This puppy is 8ft+ off the ground thanks to our ever slopping back yard!

We are thrilled that they started construction this morning and will be done tomorrow! YAY!
~ I will post more tomorrow.
The patio furniture is on its way, now for the chiminea (spelling ??) and the flower pots...!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Happy Princess girl...

Spring day in the park...

"Mom, where is my coffee?"

"Mom, I told you I can drive like a big girl; look at me?!"


One of my favorite things in the whole wide world are gardens...wispy, flower gardens, winding pathways, sun soaking, quiet places...
It all started once my mom read me "The secret garden" when I was little. Since then my obsession with finding "My secret garden" will forever go on...Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden..." also one of my favorite songs...I digress...I guess my soul is always been searching for that quiet place. That quiet place where I can go to let go of my worries, to be still, to enjoy beautiful things. This is why when this website/ band was shared with me my hand drew the mouse over to click on this song...

Needtobreathe ~ Please do click and have a listen, it is a beautiful song...

I am far from perfect, far from obsessed with "rules...", I am far from "preachy" but I am a woman who at the age of 16 fell in love with her Savior. Now, I know that sounds odd to some of you. I get that. But let me say, I have not for one split second... from being at the crossroads at 16 after being gutted emotionally by people close to me for years to come...looked back on making my decision to follow the Lord.
He has carried me through much and when I hear a song that is able to express what the word, the act of "worship" means to me I want to share it! I want to share it b/c I feel that so many of you do not understand what Christianity truly is. This is what it is to me. It is not rules, it is not a stifling of a lifestyle... Its a relationship, it touches me, it makes me want more than anything for people to know, to feel what I feel...its peace...true peace, I need peace, I need quiet, I need beautiful things to admire, I need the Garden and I have that in an amazing relationship with the God of the universe...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Coolio Product...

In bed sick, napping baby...happily creeping on all of my favorite blogs (this one from Chez Beeper Bebe) I found the coolest lunch-box of all time...

The eco-friendly, foodie, pack-and-go for kiddos! Loves it!
For those of you who are still deciding if you want to click on the hyper link here is a synopsis:
* recyclable
* dishwasher safe
* comes with 3-pages of stickers for your kiddo to decorate his/ her Goodbyn
* no baggies needed!

Now, I know I want either the pink or the orange one...going with the orange one; who am I kidding!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

High chair makeover

Always loved the high chair, not the cushion so much...ta-da! I took a pillow slip cover that I found, and fell in love with...
1) measured securing slats
2) cut
3) wash
4) pulled over the back cushion and secured into place!

Easy to how it turned out. :)) Being that baby items seem to take over your home decor I really want to make these pieces work with every other design element in the house. Pack and play next...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ba-ba, Da-da & Ma-Ma!!

Miss Lilly G and her friend Duck-duck...

Lilly is quite chatty these days. Its so entertaining. That said, as soon as the camera came out she did get a little will get an idea of what the chatter-box sounds like these days. She is officially saying Babba, Dadda, and Momma...yay!

Play time!

Ms Lilly is learning how to clap! We say "yay!" she claps! Its the cutest thing ever!

Hippy baby in her pack-and-play with no shoes on..."Hello everybody!"

Ya think Daddy got me dressed??!!

This should be my outfit face forward....

Instead...Daddy got me dressed with shirt & pants on backward...

PS Yes, that is a drool mark...I got teeth coming in people!