Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peaceful. Quiet.

While I am not a huge fan of being cold and snow...I love the absolute quiet it brings.
Doesn't this picture make you want to grab a cup of coffee and quiet your soul?
Oh it does!! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

I do understand this...

On a night that I am left wondering why horrific things happen to little angels...
On a night that I thought would end a pretty crappy week filled with things that I thought were a pretty big deal but in comparison mean nothing...
On a night that my sweet little three-year old blessing is safely tucked in her bed upstairs I am reminded that this life rarely makes sense. This life is filled with unfairness. This life is crazy. This life is sad. 
20-babies were taken away from this earth in a nightmare of a way today around 9AM EST.
I do not understand.
I do not understand much these days.
But I do understand this; I understand this without a shadow of a doubt and for this I am grateful.

May Gods protection, peace and comfort fall upon those that lost babies and loved ones in the massacre in CT today. I pray for your broken heart and I pray for its healing today...and for the many many days to follow...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh the holidays...

I know that for many people this time of year is a struggle for one reason or another.
There have been deaths.
There have been storms.
There have been illnesses, surgeries and pain.
There are memories.
Good ones.
Bad ones.
There are dreams, hopes & regrets.
The one thing that does make my heart happy and my feet want to dance is that I am loved by the King.
The celebration of His birthday is coming!!
May we remember this when we find ourselves going to that un-celebratory place in our minds.
Now; go(!!) sing & dance! ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In addition to being extremely grateful for everything that I have I am grateful that I have just enough. Right now. Right here.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I pray you take time out of your day to be alone and to be extremely grateful.

What I am most grateful for is I have a savior with a strong cozy back to carry me on whenever I need it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Complete Canvases...

Here are a few pieces that I thought I would share from my Brave Girl Art Class.
I feel like they all need a bit more love but here they are as of now...

This little cheery lady is the cover of my art journal. 

I hung this one on the wall straight ahead of my front door.
I guess I needed it to remind me of what to be as I leave into my day and return home to my family each day...

This piece is going in my kitchen, right smack dab by my coffee maker.
Its a good reminder as I start my day. :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Time for a Friday Chuckle!

Wishing you all a good Friday and a relaxing weekend!!
I know I have  been a bit heavy lately so I figured it was a good day for a little giggle on the old blog today.

Source: via Ok on Pinterest

Source: via jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Lizzy on Pinterest

Thursday, November 15, 2012

As I ponder Thanksgiving...

I have shared a few of these videos on Facebook over the last few weeks. Today, I thought I would dive a bit deeper.

As I sit and ponder Thanksgiving and all of the many people and things that I am super grateful for I also can not imagine what is going through the minds of the people that lost their earthly possessions. While I know as Christians we are to not store up riches on earth as ours await in heaven, however we are human. We like our stuff. Our homes make us feel safe, our homes are where we have wonderful memories that have been created throughout our lives. We have favorite things, favorite shoes, the best winter coat, the family photos, the quilt that our grandmother made that you were saving for your daughter... 
While I know for a fact that the people I know that lost everything are grateful for their lives & their families there may come a point where they are just pissed that they lost their homes & their stuff. 
I pray for them during this time.
I remind myself every single morning when I get out of my bed in the morning that there are people down the street that lost everything. You too need to remember these people. Remember the storm. 
I know that there are many people that just want things to go back to normal around here but I pray that we do not forget those so very close to us that are still trying to get a grip, build a new life and may be going through a new stage of grief here very soon.

A few YouTube videos:

Union Beach: This is where Ryan's grandmother raised 7-children & lived for over 60-years. This is where many people that we know lost everything.

This is one of many of the lines for gas after the storm. This particular line went for miles and led to the Wawa gas station at the highway near our house. While we wanted to film this we didn't so I am glad someone caught it on film. And you wonder why we had to go to odd-even fueling days around here?!

Here is Sea Bright. Our beaches, our restaurants, our fond fond memories...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I signed up for an art class a few weeks ago through Brave Girls Club and boy am I having fun.
This week I am to make a canvas to go in my home as a myself...
As I contemplate my phrase I thought I would post a few that I like from Pinterest.
Do any of you have phrases that get you through the day? Verses? Quotes?
What are they?

I will post some of the pieces that I have made over the last few months soon...promise. :)
Have a great day lovelies!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet Potato Mac

I have a feeling I am just going to have to dive back in. So here I go!!
This is one of my favorite healthier comfort meals:

If you have read this recipe on this blog before I apologize. It may be a repeat, but its fall and this is a good reminder meal. ;) 

Sweet Potato Mac
(A tale about sneaking yet another veggie into dinner...)

1/2 c. veggie stock
1/2 c. almond milk
2 Tbs butter
2 Tbs flour (I use spelt flour)

1 c. grated cheese (I use sharp cheddar, use your favorite)
1-2 baked sweet potatoes

1 bag cooked pasta of your choice

One: Create rue
Melt butter in sauce pan, add flour (enough to create a paste).
Once it is pasty and boiling a little add room temp stock and milk.
Two: Thicken the sauce
Stir until thickens (If you are having trouble add a tad bit more flour)
Once thickened add graded cheese.
Once cheese is incorporated add mashed inside of sweet potato(s).
Three: Combine
Lightly grease casserole dish.
Add Pasta
Pour cream sauce over. Combine.
Top with a bit more cheese and bread crumbs if you please. :)
Its yummier that way!
Bake for 15 min at 350 degrees! (or until top is crispy melty)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sailing the seas.

Lets be clear. I am not afraid.
When trying times come I pray that I navigate my ship correctly.

This ship is weary. She prays that she is used in the way that God intends...that she has a giving, grateful & joyful heart while sailing the seas. What powerful seas they are...

Source: via Michael on Pinterest

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trying to praise in the storm...

I have a bit of battery on the ol laptop right now so I wanted to vent a little bit...forgive me.
First of all, we are safe, and we have a home. We are without power and surrounded by sadness that I can not express.
I am struggling with not only lack of patience, a broken heart, freezing to the bone, and a sick child...but I am struggling with sadness over loss of places...loss of places where family gathered, where family felt safe and happy, places where I had my first date with my husband, places where I took my baby to swim in the ocean for the first time, places I used to go to for peace.
I didn't know these feelings of sadness existed.
Sure, I had seen people loosing their lives on the news before.
Sure, I am grateful that I am alive and my whole family is safe.
I assure you it is not the loss of the "stuff" that is making me so stinken sad, its the loss of places that hold very special memories to me that is making me so so stinken sad. Its the fact that people that I love so very much have lost everything and do not have a home anymore...

As I am literally screaming at my 3-year old during a ride home from a grocery store breakdown when this song came on the radio.
This song was a direct message from God to not harm my child. It was. No doubt about it.
You can think I am a bad mom. That is okay because in that time I was a bad mom. I was so mad, I was so tired, I was so over the whole mess that we now live in that I was screaming at my baby.
I am thankful for a God that still reals me in. I will choose to praise Him in this storm.

Thank you for listening to the if you too are going through stuff please choose to praise Him in the storm. He knows just what you need and will carry you. I just need to be carried today, hugging my heavenly father as he carries me...Do you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game Day Bites

I have my dear friend Shayla to thank for this amazing recipe.

I have altered the original recipe just a little. With today's FULL game schedule & a hurricane on the way I am thinking I will be cooking a lot today while we still have power. :) This will be on the menu.

Crispy Chicken Bites

What you will need: 
1 lb. chicken breast cutlets
2 Tbs. Dijon mustard, Honey mustard of Saracha hot sauce (this all depends on your taste, I am going to do Dijon and Saracha today:)
Black pepper
11/2 c. Panko bread crumbs (I used whole wheat Panko)

Preheat oven to 450.
Pour Panko crumbs onto large plate for dipping.

In mixing bowl combine mustard or hot sauce with a teaspoon of pepper.
Once chicken is cut into thick strips coat chicken with mixture. (enough that bread crumbs will adhere)
Press coated chicken into breadcrumbs. Coat both sides and place in lightly greased baking dish.
Bake for 10-15 minutes or until juices run clear.

Dipping sauce:
Balsamic Vinegar
or greek yogurt (again depending on the flavor that you are going for)
I used the balsamic glaze for the Dijon version the other night and it was amazing!

For the balsamic glaze place 1 tsp pepper & 1/2c. balsamic vinegar in sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce until syrupy.
Place in small dipping bowl & enjoy! 

(I will be using greek yogurt and a little lime juice for todays spicy bites.)

** Lilly loved the Dijon version. Also, for those of you that do not like Dijon all that much rest assured it does not have a strong flavor in this recipe. Ryan is not a huge fan but did not even know it was one of the main ingredients. They cleared their plates. ;) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture updates :)

We were beyond blessed to have my little sister and her husband come out for a little visit this last weekend! Thanks to having and extra camera around we got a few shots.

One last stop for some ice cream before they all close up for the winter.
Who doesn't love a boat load of sprinkles on top of some choco ice? ;)

Glad we got to the beach Monday since this flipping hurricane will put it out of commission for the next week. 

 Lilly had SO MUCH fun with her Auntie Cassie and Uncle Joey!

 Thank you Cass and Joseph for an awesome visit. We miss you already...and Lilly insists on seeing Macie soon!!! ;)

The Friday dance!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
Yet again, I have had issues blogging this week. Since Blogger updated the interface I have not been a happy camper. It has been difficult to maneuver the html tab.
I hope you have all had a good week and for those of you struggling with stuff right now I pray you find peace.
There is a lot going on for a lot of people this week so I wanted to post some lighter things to bring you into a restful weekend.


Now this looks like the perfect hideout for me. Tea and a good book needed:

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you have someone by your side...
I love you all and we shall chat next week. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vegan Choco Ice Cream!!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect homemade vegan ice cream recipe for quite some time.
Most of them were just too banana-ie since the made ingredient that adds the substance to the ice cream rather than using cows milk and cream is banana.
I have never been a HUGE fan of bananas so this has been tough.
All of this until I found this recipe and Lilly & I decided to give it a whirl.

There are three recipes on this page. We did the first one, it was chocolate & it was amazing!

If you find yourself craving a little ice cream one of these nights give it a try!! :)

You will need:

An ice cream maker (literally takes 10-minutes once you turn it on)
1.5 c. Almond milk
2 (heaping) Tbs cocoa
2 bananas
1 tsp. sugar (I used stevia)

Huge hit in our house!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Horse love.

We went to the last horse race of the season at Monmouth Part weekend before last.
Lilly had a BLAST. 
Here are a few pictures from the occasion. It was not until the pictures were uploaded that I realized that I managed to capture a pice of trash on the lawn that is really ruining the shot. Ah well!
There will be more pictures of Lilly since I just got myself a new smart phone that takes pretty great pictures. YAY!!

Thoughts crossing Lillys mind here: (very serious)
"Come on horsies!!!! My Daddy bet a few bucks on the one with the pink socks b/c she was cute. Lets moooveee!"

Did not win but they were fun to watch anyway. (Wish mommy would have gotten the food off of my teeth before taking this shot!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quinoa & Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

These were positively delicious!
Quinoa & Black Bean Lettuce Wraps

(Bob, this post is for you:)
 I know I have kinda been on overload with the posts over the last few days. Consider it catch up.
These went over with the adults with a little Siracha & sans the lettuce with the kiddos.
Overall a huge hit!

Now, go and put this one on the menu plan for this week!

Honestly, this here Siracha (aka cock sauce...sorry, had to) is a STAPLE in our home! You can add this beautiful sauce to anything that needs a little fire.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I am going to (thanks to a few requests) post some healthy food stuff on the old blog.
We try to eat as clean as we can and getting a three-year-old to do that is no small task.

One of Lilly's favorite things to eat are sprouts.
We sprout lentils around here.
She likes them probably because she gets to watch the process and then picks them apart to eat.
Its just too much fun. :)

You will need:
* Bell Jar (any will jar will do) - needs to be at least 
* Rubber band or jelly jar lid
* cheese cloth
* lentils

Here is how we do it:
1. Drop about 1/2 cup lentils (or any bean you may want to sprout) into the jar.
2. Fill jar half way with water, making sure the sprouts have a few inches of water covering them. They will expand.
3. Cover jar opening with cheese cloth and fasten with either the jelly jar ring or a hefty rubber band. This is how you will fill the jar with water and rinse the sprouts for the next few days.
4. Place in dark place overnight.
5. Next morning make yourself a cute reminder sticky note saying "rinse sprouts" and place somewhere in the kitchen that you will see it at least twice a day.
6. Rinse the sprouts a few times with water. Make sure all of the water is out & place jar on its side in cool dark place.
* You will rinse the sprouts 2x daily until they have "popped"

Once they have popped rinse once more, place into a container & refrigerate. I keep a paper towl in the container to absorb the access moisture and avoid mold. :)

Get the kiddos involved. Its fun. 

A few health benefits of sprouted foods are:
Rich source of proteins, folate, iron
Vitamins! The vitamin density for some sprouted beans increase from 100% to 2000% after several days of sprouting. Awesome!
 Antioxidants! (substances that prevent the damage to your bodies cells and repairs existing damage that has been done to those cells.)
Sprouts are alkalizing
Great for digestion
Calorie free

Happy Fall!!!

I sincerely apologize for my complete lack of blogging over the last few months!!!
Been in a funk; ya know?

While I was away Fall swooped in with a vengeance!
Lilly & I did our annual apple & pumpkin picking yesterday and plan on doing some fall decorating around the house today. Funness!!

Any special plans for you this fall??

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is it only Thursday?

This has been one heck long of a week! Seriously, by the end of Monday I felt like it had been a long week & I was ready for the weekend!
This is not good people!

The countdown is on! It is Thursday and I am making my weekend checklist (although I would much rather be on the west coast with my family).
It looks a little something like this:

Since it is in fact a holiday weekend do any of you have special plans? What are they?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daydream believer...

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone!
This would be my happy place...Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Belt buckles, studded shoes & peasant tops OH MY!

So I turned older on Sunday.
I feel it. Cranky, tired, lines appearing on the face that were not there last week...I swear. ;)

Here are a few of the awesome things that I was gifted. One or two of them may have been a gift to myself; I am just saying...
I have always loved these belts that you can change out the buckle by Princess & Butch (Thank you Mom, Anna and Chaz)!! 
I have heard of the Alex & Ani bracelets line and one of my good friends gave me one. I can not wait to add some more charms on this little lady!
Now...I have been on the hunt for affordable peasant tops for like EVER! Done! Siren on Etsy has fulfilled my dreams. She creates the most beautiful hand crafted tops. I got two and am in love. 
My dear dear friend took me out for some shopping & a pedi on Saturday. All followed by a yummy sushi dinner. Heaven!

That is that. Now, onward to the day. Love you all and wishing you a sunny day! oxox

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On retreat in my soul..

Well, my Soul Restoration class is entering its second week today.
This class is amazing and I have already had one huge breakthrough!
Can you tell I am super duper excited about this class!!??
ITOTALLYAM!!! Whooooooohooooo!!

That said, it is really  emotionally challenging but in a good way.

In the mean time...this is where I am in my head while I take this journey:

Isn't this little nook just amaze? So darn cute and cheery. This is where I my head...I love it.
Now, you all have a great Tuesday.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am super excited!

I have wanted to take this online course since I found the Brave Girls Club.
While catching up on some emails yesterday I realized that their last online "Soul Restoration" class started like 2-days ago. I am on it. Registered and headed to Michaels last night.
How crazy is it that this video totally ties into my post from 2-days ago!? Thank you Lord!
Its time for some rebuilding. :)

For more information on the Brave Girls and this class click here!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

You know this feeling?

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I needed a little HAHA to my day and I think this did the trick.
I am so thankful for animals. Funny stuff!
Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This verse is my screen saver.
I am under serious construction.
You know they say that it is who you are when no one is looking that matters.
I do not like the woman that stares me back in the mirror, the woman that follows me around all day, the mother to my daughter, the wife to my husband.
We are not getting along right now. (me, myself and I that is.)

Thankfully, I have a God that is not done with me yet.
I am permanently under construction. This I know but there gets to be times in life when you look around and you seem to be surrounded by pot holes that need filling, pealing paint, leaky roofs & you get sick of it.
I am tired all the time, I am bummed out most days, I beat myself up for the little things, I yell at my girl for things that are not necessary.

It is scary to be in a season of change. I know what God is calling me to do and for some reason I am too scared to take the leap. I am too scared to be who He has created me to be. I am too scared that people will not like me. I am too scared that people will look at me like I am crazy.
Why do I care??
This is why I recently finally picked us the Welsh book When people are big and God is small.
I am sick of letting people get too big throughout my day, throughout my thoughts.

I am thankful He follows me around.
I am thankful he has my back & I am thankful that I am a work in progress.
Now, if only I could get out of His way and let Him do His work in me.
This is the only way I can achieve true peace.
I am my happiest, my calmest, my most content when I let God be God, do His thing in my life and be on the throne.
Who or what is on your throne today?
I am telling you, I am promising you...If you surrender your life to your creator you will be complete.
Dig in the word, talk to someone, talk to me!

Love you all. Have a good day! oxox