Thursday, November 15, 2012

As I ponder Thanksgiving...

I have shared a few of these videos on Facebook over the last few weeks. Today, I thought I would dive a bit deeper.

As I sit and ponder Thanksgiving and all of the many people and things that I am super grateful for I also can not imagine what is going through the minds of the people that lost their earthly possessions. While I know as Christians we are to not store up riches on earth as ours await in heaven, however we are human. We like our stuff. Our homes make us feel safe, our homes are where we have wonderful memories that have been created throughout our lives. We have favorite things, favorite shoes, the best winter coat, the family photos, the quilt that our grandmother made that you were saving for your daughter... 
While I know for a fact that the people I know that lost everything are grateful for their lives & their families there may come a point where they are just pissed that they lost their homes & their stuff. 
I pray for them during this time.
I remind myself every single morning when I get out of my bed in the morning that there are people down the street that lost everything. You too need to remember these people. Remember the storm. 
I know that there are many people that just want things to go back to normal around here but I pray that we do not forget those so very close to us that are still trying to get a grip, build a new life and may be going through a new stage of grief here very soon.

A few YouTube videos:

Union Beach: This is where Ryan's grandmother raised 7-children & lived for over 60-years. This is where many people that we know lost everything.

This is one of many of the lines for gas after the storm. This particular line went for miles and led to the Wawa gas station at the highway near our house. While we wanted to film this we didn't so I am glad someone caught it on film. And you wonder why we had to go to odd-even fueling days around here?!

Here is Sea Bright. Our beaches, our restaurants, our fond fond memories...

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