Friday, August 30, 2013


New rug for the livs room.
Thank you Home Goods.
What do y'all think?

Night shot:

Day shot:

Up close:

Cookies & our first day of official preschool!!

We have officially completed our first week of preschool!
I say we because Lilly was a champ & I gave up a total of 9-hours of control this week. It was a joint effort. hehe

Lilly is going to Arts Together Preschool which is a multi-arts preschool program. She is learning dance, drama & art. She has 13 kiddos in her class; all of which appear to be normal and have normal parents. *sigh of relief here*

Official first-day shot:
PS I did put shoes on my child before we left for school.

My "trying not to hyperventilate" as we left for school shot:

We did start the day right however with a batch of these yummy/ healthy cookies!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I did not sign up for this:

You are welcome for the visual and for the fact that you are probably a bit itchy right now... ;)

This fraken thing was in my bathroom as I dreamily wandered in there to pee last night.

Apparently, its completely normal down here and they are nocturnal.
This means I will not be getting out of bed for any-fraken-thing in the middle of the night. I will lay there under the fan (which they will avoid) until the crack of dawn when they scurry away to their hiding places. (WHEREVER THE HECK THAT MIGHT BE!)

I did make the mistake of Googling these damn things this morning. Should not have done that; however I did immediately thereafter load Lilly into the car and head to Home Depot for distilled white vinegar & pest killer specializing in the ol roaches.

This will be my nap time fun:

Now, do any of you have any helpful hints for me to get rid of these things or at least keep them out of my house. They can play hockey or tag or whatever they would like outside on my deck as long as I am not there but they may not come in. Absolutely not. Nope.

The white vinegar was poured down drains and flushed through toilets. It was fun. I smell amazing.

Happy Weeekeenndd everyone!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Its true...

This years birthday gift to myself:

I found this sign at a gallery in New Bern and had to have it. Now it is perched at my sink in the bathroom. Its one of the very first things I see in the morning.

For those of you who need this reminder; read it let it resonate. Believe it. Walk in it today because its true. :)


Thursday, August 22, 2013


I bought a new patio umbrella a few weeks ago on TOTAL markdown at Cost Plus World Market.
I chucked our cheap-o stand that we had in NJ mainly because you needed sandbags to hold it upright which defeats the purpose. I have been looking for one ever since.
The beautiful mark-down umbrella has been staring at me in our wash room for weeks.
EVERY. SINGLE. stand I found was either ubber ugly town, too expensive or BOTH! This is when I turned to Pinterest. I mean don't we all when we need a little inspiration!? :) 

This is when I found this Lady Jade Flower's BRILLIANT idea. She had the exact same frustrations I did and created the prettiest umbrella stand ever.
(There were a ton similar to this; but this one was the easiest)

Here are my own step-by-step pics.
Go on; take a look!

The supplies: (+ a toe shot; nice)

The peerty flowers my girl and I picked out:

The pot: (needs to be big enough for the cinder block & must have a hole in the bottom for drainage)

Didn't I tell you this was easy?!

Get ready for the reveal folks:


Ta-da take 2:

There you have it folks.
I love it!! But... right after this shot a large thunder storm moved in. The umbrella had to come down and I awoke looking forward to coffee in the shade and there is no sun to be found. Figures. HA!

Happy Thursday everyone! ox

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where has this summer gone?

I realize that we sold our home and completely relocated to a foreign state but honestly; how did it get to be the end of August!!??

My baby is starting school next week. It is only preschool; but she is my only and I am having a hard time with this. Its probably guilt that I do not have another baby yet and she is growing up so dang fast. *sigh*

Here are a few shots from our weekend trip to New Bern. What a great town. I had not been there in like 12ish years. 
With school starting/ having started what fun trips have made you smile this summer?

It was a bit drizzly, but beautiful nonetheless!
The view from our room. Totally peaceful!

Persimmons restaurant literally next door to our hotel was where we found ourselves most nights for dinner.
I mean; look at that view!

Our rainy nights sky:

I was able to sneak away one afternoon sans husband and child to do a little shopping.
I found this beautiful ally was along the way...

We ventured out to Atlantic beach to the aquarium on Saturday. Not only were the prices shockingly cheap (compared to Monterey Bay) but they are big big into turtles. That was a win in our book! Pappa my have to come out with us when they visit!

 Making wishes...

So many ducks, so little time!

LOVE her; but look at that face! 

Lilly insisted on taking some pictures of her own. They did not turn out half bad!

We ended our trip at this BOMB of a breakfast place! The die for!

Thats that. We had a lovely time & will be going back soon.

I have hit a wall.

I am feeling that with a desperate need to get our household on somewhat of a routine I have personally become COMPLETELY SCATTER BRAINED!

God Bless the mess that is me lately.

There are two very important areas in our home that are completely bare:
* master bedroom
* front porch

Here are some updated shots for your entertainment:

One must have a helmet with their new wheels.

Night vision on our deck:

Okay, so I am super duper picky about lamps b/c they are either super expensive or super ehhh or both.
I was in Home goods the other day and saw these adorbs lamps for $50/ each.
I bought this one for the living room:

The inside is turquoise. Perfection.

Then I saw these and they are gray and yellow on the inside. Matching perfectly our master all in all I had three lamps brought to the register for me and left one happy nappy customer!

As stated earlier. The master needs help. I am now using our dresser in the art room; leaving this wardrobe box as my makeshift dresser top. Keeping it classy in here.

With the thought of all that I still need to do and the constant re-arranging going on in the crib I am loading myself up with this stuff:
Its local Raleigh organic coffee. This blend is strong and yummy!

Now, back to organizing my life...Here is the new hub:

New entry rug: Target
Should have bought a few of these.

Any new projects going on in your home? If so what are they? Do share!
Happy Wednesday peeps! Thanks for stopping in. ox

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I do NOT know how my baby got to be 4!!??
She is. I am sulking...but look at that face.
I am beyond thankful for this crazy girl. She makes me a better person. Every. Single. Day.
What an amazing soul. May God bless my baby for the rest of her beautiful life.

Somebody has new Radio Flyer wheels!

I am telling you...she is nuts. I am in trouble!
Striking a pose with her new Hello Kitty shades.

We started her day with her fav pancake recipe made into cake pops. I mean; what is better than that!

Because; I too am crazy and can not give her syrup. It makes me cringe. Until I get over it or she catches on there is this & it works. ;)

Then...we headed to the NC shore (Wilmington) for the weekend!
Again; I am in trouble. Total diva. What a blast this girl had in the water!

Thankfully Lilly calmed down each night to enjoy the sunset. 
What a beautiful place.