Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have hit a wall.

I am feeling that with a desperate need to get our household on somewhat of a routine I have personally become COMPLETELY SCATTER BRAINED!

God Bless the mess that is me lately.

There are two very important areas in our home that are completely bare:
* master bedroom
* front porch

Here are some updated shots for your entertainment:

One must have a helmet with their new wheels.

Night vision on our deck:

Okay, so I am super duper picky about lamps b/c they are either super expensive or super ehhh or both.
I was in Home goods the other day and saw these adorbs lamps for $50/ each.
I bought this one for the living room:

The inside is turquoise. Perfection.

Then I saw these and they are gray and yellow on the inside. Matching perfectly our master all in all I had three lamps brought to the register for me and left one happy nappy customer!

As stated earlier. The master needs help. I am now using our dresser in the art room; leaving this wardrobe box as my makeshift dresser top. Keeping it classy in here.

With the thought of all that I still need to do and the constant re-arranging going on in the crib I am loading myself up with this stuff:
Its local Raleigh organic coffee. This blend is strong and yummy!

Now, back to organizing my life...Here is the new hub:

New entry rug: Target
Should have bought a few of these.

Any new projects going on in your home? If so what are they? Do share!
Happy Wednesday peeps! Thanks for stopping in. ox

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