Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here comes the sun...nananana...

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Thought I would put up a bit of a hurricane update on the ol blog since I have not been able to keep up with the posts lately.
We live 2-blocks from the Atlantic but have slight protection with Sandy Hook here in New Jersey. That said; watching the news last week I was a bit freaked. (I was totally freaked) Sure, it could be nothing. I was hoping for that.
Saturday morning over loud speakers our town was told to be out of our homes and go to higher ground by noon. 
That gave me three hours.
Packing was a nightmare. What to bring? Should I bring the designer jeans and laptops or just the essentials. Pictures, Bible and important legal documents.
After packing the car and realizing that we had NO ROOM I opted for the first.

We are settling back in our home after our evacuation thanks to Ms Irene.
We stayed with some friends about 15-minutes away. All that mattered was that they were away from the water and their tree threat was not as bad as ours was. We stayed up all night and drank wayyy too much wine watching the weather.
The kiddos slept thru the storm which was so nice!

There are still over 300,000 people with no power in NJ and a few people in our little neighborhood did have structural damage to their homes. We are very blessed to have everything in one piece.
Stores, street lights and restaurants for the most part are still closed/ out. The amount of road closures are making it quite an adventure to get around. Its a maze out there!

Our power came on a few hours ago! Awesome!
The neighborhood was linked together with generator cords and the humming of their motors 24-hours a day. I was sleeping better at night with the noise and I was one happy camper that my refrigerator was cold and I had some Jack Johnson playing on the iPod speakers! What two plugs can bring to your life when you have no power is amazing!

This morning I was able to pop on some fresh ground coffee and load the washer to get some laundry done. I am one happy lady!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I am wanting today...Peaceful weather.

With the looming hurricane Irene on her way within a day or two...evacuations, state of emergencies, power outages, damaged property...

I want an escape home. To the sunny Pacific.
I was planning on a solo getaway to see my family in the Bay Area this weekend for a quick trip and this  beyotch of a hurricane is ruining my plans!
Lets hope I can escape before she hits.
That said, I would be leaving my baby and my hubby so I am kinda a mess about what to do. 
This trip may have to wait a few days...
In the mean time.
Dear Pacific waters, I am coming my love. Soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home sweet home.

As I contemplate what our next home will look like and now that we have owned a home for a few years what I would look for once hunting again these pics make me happy!
Since our next home will (Lord willing) be back home in California I am dreaming of large flowery yards and bright sun shine drenched rooms...
For the next few weeks I will post some of my latest inspiring photos!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I realize that I am ubber behind and a little mixed up on my blogging schedule. I wanted to set up a "menu" for my blogging to keep me writing and posting on a daily basis. It has helped for the most part except for when I get myself in a funk which seems to be happening a lot more these days!
I came across this quote on Pinterest last night and thought it was a perfect reminder for me today.

Sure, I would rather be there rather than here.
I would rather be surrounded by friends than be alone.
I would rather be outside than inside because of the horrible mosquito problem that we are having this summer.
I would rather be happy with my weight than constantly looking at the mirror judging myself.
I would rather feel fulfilled being a full time mommy than feeling like it is just not enough.
To name a few...

You know what...once again I need to make up my mind to be happy where I am. God knows where I want to be and what makes me happy. Soon enough I will have the desires of my heart.
Today; once again; I choose happiness.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am not a huge fan of the styles that are making appearances for Fall, however one of the trends that I am totally on board with (!!!)...the retro wedge. I have always been a fan!!!
Here are a few that I fell in love with while perusing Piperlime this morning:

P.S. Thank you Jessica Simpson for once again creating an affordable option in the fashion world for me!


Messeca shoes
$209 -

Madison Harding Blair
$335 -

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eating our way through NYC...

We were able to escape minus the Lilly this weekend for Ryan's birthday.
It was so nice to have uninterrupted conversations and sleep in a bit!
We were also able to meet up with our good friends John and Deanna.
The highlight is always the yummy food and pretty restaurants when we go into the city and as always we were NOT disappointed with what the city had to offer this trip. Here were some of the places we ate:

Friday nights dinner was ubber yummy at Zengo.
This is a Richard Sandoval restaurant. The menu was Asian-Latin fusion. Seriously; everything we had was amazing!
To start the Edamame, Thai Chicken empanadas, & braised short rib flat bread
For the main course the majority of us had the wagyu skirt steak topped with churrasco tempura scallion / crispy fingerling tostones / mushroom chimichurri & served with an chipotle egg sauce.
The wine was awesome and the decor was beautiful.

On Saturday we ate at the Hurricane Club
This restaurant served Hawaiian food. The drink menu was extensive and served some beautiful cocktails! I started off with the chili margarita (#43, the Waikiki) and after one went to my safe place of wine. :)
To start we had the crispy calamari salad and tri-tip skewers. This dish came with 6-dips! (For those of you from the west coast know tri-tip and for those of you from the east have never heard of it. Amazing cut of beef, its my favorite and I can only get it when I visit home in California. It was on the menu here; awesome!!!)
The evening was ended with the crispy Peking pig. By the time this arrived at the table I was already in a food coma so we barely were able to touch it. Hopefully the nice hopeless man outside was able to enjoy our take-out for us.

Lastly on our way home we stopped for brunch at Sarabeth's on Madison. I honest to golly had the BEST pancakes of all time! The lemon ricotta pancakes served with fresh berries and maple syrup are still on my mind this morning! I wanntttt morreee!
For those of you that know me you know that I am a blog whore! I love finding new blogs, I love being inspired by amazing people and their great ideas and I love trying new recipes that I find along the way. Before Sarabeth's restaurants opened she was making jam in her and her husbands NYC apartment. The word got out that her jams were amazing, her baked goods to die for and she now has three NYC restaurants! I love hearing stories like this. Like I said, I am inspired! 

The weekend was relaxing, the food was amazing and Ryan and I were able to finally catch up after all we do have a vocal 2-year old now and he is traveling entirely too often. 

Happy Birthday love; I had a blast with you and I look forward to many more birthdays with you!! oxox

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home is where the heart is...

or is it?

These days I am not sure...

Nonetheless here are some updated pictures of the construction going on across the street for those of you I have promised updated pictures to!


Also, I thought I would throw in some updated pictures of my Lilly. :)
These days when you try a shot of her and say the ever famous "say cheese" she literally does, well she says cheese girl! and closes her eyes...*sigh* oh well! Here are some okay shots of my pretty girl:

(See what I mean?)

My little artist.

We love watermelon! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LaLa Birthday edition...

3-2 Birthday wishes...

3-2 Birthday wishes... by jilliebeans featuring leather handbags

With the big 3-2 quickly approaching (next week!!) and 
in an effort to help some of my family members in some gift buying...I thought It may be fun to post some pics and links here on the 'ol blog!
Mom, as promised. Take a looksie! This was so much fun to put together. I love me some Polyvore!

I have (as of the last 2-years) made it quite simple for my hubby to plan my birthday and the plan is as follows:
1) massage gift card
2) sleep
3) day at the spa and movies solo
4) dinner out

P.S. For those of you that peek in on occasion and do not yet know me; our whole household is full of August babies!! Lilly - the 1st, hubbie - 13th and me - 19th! Crazziiiness! Ryan and I are escaping to NYC this weekend! Cannot wait...

Monday, August 8, 2011

His promise...

Source: via Jillian on Pinterest

I know I have been a bit quiet with my posts. I apologize. I am processing so much these days. As I process this quote hit home for me.  I am so thankful that I have a God that calms me in events that people would question happening in the first place.
I have been through yuck, it was hard. I wouldn't take it back for one second for it has taught me, it has strengthened me, it has made me into the woman I am today...
The storms will rage on people. There is a God that will calm you if you only ask...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I want this...when I win the lotto...

Caftans can be scary. I love this one. It is feminine and perfect for summer, the beach and to chill in solo. I want it. I am thinking me, a glass of wine and a book on the beach. Perfection.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is for dinner tonight!?

I am addicted to Morning Stars spicy black bean burgers!!!
Since I was solo once again, I thought what better excuse do I have than to pop one of these things into my toaster oven and enjoy!
Trust me!
Costco people! Go try em!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My baby is 2!!!

My daughter is two today! I cannot believe it!
Happy Birthday to my little love Lilly Grace! You are a true blessing and I love you more and more each day.

Lilly's ice cream party that you have all been reading about for the last few weeks turned out awesome. We all had so much fun! The only thing missing was my family... I miss you all and cannot wait to come home!! oxox
Here are a few pictures from the day.

Cone cupcakes. Yum!

My little one actually had her FIRST sweets on Saturday. She had a few licks of the frosting, a bite of ice cream and a bunch of peanut butter M & M's. Its a start. ;)

Home made ice cream in mason jars. We had chocolate, strawberry and cookies and cream. mmmmmm!

Lilly's little boyfriend Jack. Obviously Jack dug the ice cream since he is wearing it all over his face. :)

At the end of the night...Lilly started dancing to one of her new LOUD music books. Loved the dancing and the book has been since hidden under the couch.

A few shots of the ice cream parlor in my dining room.