Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I realize that I am ubber behind and a little mixed up on my blogging schedule. I wanted to set up a "menu" for my blogging to keep me writing and posting on a daily basis. It has helped for the most part except for when I get myself in a funk which seems to be happening a lot more these days!
I came across this quote on Pinterest last night and thought it was a perfect reminder for me today.

Sure, I would rather be there rather than here.
I would rather be surrounded by friends than be alone.
I would rather be outside than inside because of the horrible mosquito problem that we are having this summer.
I would rather be happy with my weight than constantly looking at the mirror judging myself.
I would rather feel fulfilled being a full time mommy than feeling like it is just not enough.
To name a few...

You know what...once again I need to make up my mind to be happy where I am. God knows where I want to be and what makes me happy. Soon enough I will have the desires of my heart.
Today; once again; I choose happiness.

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