Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Ryan was recently telling me of a billboard (costing $20,000 to be up through the holiday season) set to go up right outside the Lincoln Tunnel leading into the city. (Yes, another reason for me to love NJ. ;)
Upon hearing it I am reminded that although the holiday season is a time of year to give thanks for all that we have & to celebrate an event that fulfilled prophecy and changed the world forever ~ the birth of Jesus. It is also a time of year where I feel that a lot of people go to war with Christianity.

Check this article out: 'Celebrate Reason'

This really just breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to be reminded that people (over 1 million in the US today) really do think that Christianity is a myth. They believe the birth/ life of Christ is a myth even though there is more historical evidence for the birth and life of Christ here on earth than most historical events that people blindly regard as fact every day.
It makes me sad to know if this same picture went up and said: "You know it is TRUTH! Jesus is the reason for the season" with any Christian organization sponsor and website a FIRESTORM would ensue and the bill board would not last long.

People, I am happy to report the battle is won, Jesus is the reason for the season!
Pray for all of those that felt the need for this billboard to go up was important, pray for those that may look at this bill board and question their faith. Pray that all of these people would come into contact this holiday season with someone that would make them think twice and crave a relationship with the one and only God.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the Keefe traditions begin!!!

It is officially our first time fully decorating for Christmas in our new home. That said, I never thought that I would be the mom that the day after Thanksgiving is on a MISSION to get: the Christmas tree, put it up, decorate it all the while with pumpkin pie in the oven and Christmas music blasting through the cozy home. Well; I am. Love it!
We had a lovely Thanksgiving. The weather was a little wet, but it was quiet, I ate too much and was surrounded by people that I love... (& missing people that I love all at the same time)!
The next day, thanks to Shayla watching Lilly, we headed out to the Christmas tree lot where a burly girl helped us pick our tree, trim it, bag it and get it on top of our rig. Here are a few pics to document the fabulous day.
P.S. Ryan would not let me take pics of the ghetto Christmas tree lot that we picked the tree from. Let me just say it was in the parking lot of Sears on the side of a highway. Soooooooo foreign to the mountain girl that was blessed enough to pick a tree out walking through the beautiful northern California woods...*sigh*

Yep, that's the first official Christmas tree at 73 Hamilton Ave.

PS I lost my battle for the white lit Martha Stewart tree that I wanted ever so much...

Instead; here are some of my white lights that I have ALWAYS kept up in my house year round!

J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets...& other cute stockings...

Look how cozy that house looks. Love it!
Yet another P.S.: I felt like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation getting the D@&% lights up and functioning for this shot!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Craft time...

Being that the first year we were in our new home I was consumed with being pregnant and caring for a new born I did not really put the holiday decorating in full gear.
That is about to change my friends!
This morning I threw this little banner together with some left over scrap book pieces. It came together quite well. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stepping up my dinners

Its no secret in this household that I have been in a dinner rut lately!
I am making the same boring thing night after night. I love to cook and for some reason I am dragging. Since Ryan was gone last week I thought it was perfect timing for me to try some new recipes. (this way if its not so yummy...no one but me needs to know)

This one was a winner! I have wanted to try this for some time. Its light, healthy and honestly refreshing.

I did sub organic brown rice into this. I think brown rice has a whole lot more flavor, not to mention; its better for you.

Lilly loved it too...

Bath time!!!

I realize I have fallen a bit behind in posting pictures of my little lady Lilly.
Here she is doing her favorite thing in the bath...SPLASHING! Its great to see her happy...great that I get to clean the bathroom every other night, not so great that all I want to do is put her to bed at this point in the evening. ;)

Let the twinkle begin...

We just bought a new twinkle lens for the camera...look at the pretty shots!
That said, it is time to get the house ready for Christmas!! We are leaving early for CA this year so I feel a Christmas tree going up this week!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're Beautiful...

In a time where in its simply looking at a magazine ad or a TV commercial one can be left feeling torn down, ugly & insignificant I want to share a song that over the last few weeks has really spoken to me by Mercy Me/ Beautiful (click <---!!!)

Now, listen...each and every one of you reading this needs to listen to this...promise me...from the beginning to the end...please promise...!! :))

The holidays are always hard. They are dark, cold & they can be lonely. I am left feeling crappy...I feel like a crappy friend, a crappy wife, a crappy mom, a crappy sister...and the list goes on.

What I need to remember, you need to remember and some of you need to KNOW is that you are beautiful. You were made by a creator that knit you together with His own two hands, that made you who you are for a very specific reason! YOU are treasured & you are loved!

For those of you (and trust me I have been there) think that no one understands you...no one loves you for who you are. I am here tonight to say...there is someone that loves you more than you will ever, ever know. You are treasured, you are loved and you were made for so much more than you are giving yourself credit. Lean on Him, ask a friend or relative about Him. He will bring you to placed emotionally, physically and mentally that you never thought possible!

Bless you all reading this. I love you.
Have a good night,

jillgg's good life (for less) | good life for less: winter & holiday looks:book!

I have been following this fabulous blog for quite some time. Jill, has a great eye and always lists affordable alternatives to popular looks.

I have it and I feel a bit of winter shopping coming on...(which is perfect since Ryan is away...and I have 24 hours to figure out how to justify this spending...unless you are reading this now...busted!)

Have a fabulous Thursday all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lately; I love tunics!!!

There is something cozy about a boho tunic for the fall.
Maybe its the fact that they are beautifully colorful or that they can hide all the winter pounds under the flowing soft fabric. No matter what it is there will be a few of them being added to my closet in the near future!

Ah the colors...

Thank you Lord; there still are a few living flowers... isn't it beautiful...

View from the living room window...

View from the back door; over the deck...

So I have been quite a "moppy-mopper" lately. When I get this way I find myself begging God each morning to just carry me through. He always does and amazingly. It is another week alone as Ryan works in Atlanta & I have struggled to remain sane. Its only day two solo with the Lilly...yikesss!
Take a look at the beauty that is outside! We have sunshine and we have amazing colors. YAY!
I have been requiring too much out of life and the people that are in mine lately. Thanks to a book I have been reading I have been reminded that the simple pleasures are to be soaked in...

For me lately it has been:
1) Lilly running into the room only to come and hug me around the legs while I am doing the dishes.
2) Burritos for dinner
3) A phone call from a loved one
4) Sunshine in the morning
5) A good cup of strong coffee
6) Remembering that God created me beautiful to Him, that is all that needs to matter when I am feeling crappy about me...

...And to not require perfection out of the people that are in my life just because I am feeling empty sometimes. That isn't fair! I am far from perfect and can not fill in the holes that are in others lives, how can I require that of other people. That job is for ONE person to do for all of us and ONE person alone. Thank you Lord! You do this perfectly, if I let you...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just playen...

Excuse me while I play with some new blog toys. Along the way tonight I found some dream outfits. Please hang in there while I figure out where to go next.
oxox, Me

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to celebrate!!

As most of you know, I am a HUGE SF Giants fan.
Due to them bringing the Word Series win to San Francisco tonight for the first time in the cities history we thought we should pop some bubbly...and boy did we!

Georgia is NO joke...

I was blessed enough to spend the weekend with the goils in Atlanta.
Way too much wine, cheese and laughter was involved. Excellent!
It was much needed and went way to fast. Needless to say...it was perfect and I miss them already.
Here they are from left to right - Mackenzie, Kristi and Shayla. I love these ladies!

This is the only serious picture left...it was in the 70's all weekend. Beautiful!

All I have to say for the next few shots is..."this is not a joke..."

Channeling Boone here...

This was at our table at an old Irish pub we ended up at on Saturday night...yup...

The cutest pink bunny rabbit ever...ever...

Happy belated Halloween everyone!!!!

Can I help you?

Honestly, she could have hung out in this costume all night long. Love it!

Broccoli! Really!?

One thing we know Lilly likes is broccoli! Here she is waiting for me to bring her more from the stove top...

The yummy meal that night. (yes, I am enjoying playing with the new camera ;)
Broccoli, whole-wheat pasta with garlic, bread-crumbs and fresh tomatoes.
Home made freshly picked apple pie to follow...yuMMo!