Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're Beautiful...

In a time where in its simply looking at a magazine ad or a TV commercial one can be left feeling torn down, ugly & insignificant I want to share a song that over the last few weeks has really spoken to me by Mercy Me/ Beautiful (click <---!!!)

Now, listen...each and every one of you reading this needs to listen to this...promise me...from the beginning to the end...please promise...!! :))

The holidays are always hard. They are dark, cold & they can be lonely. I am left feeling crappy...I feel like a crappy friend, a crappy wife, a crappy mom, a crappy sister...and the list goes on.

What I need to remember, you need to remember and some of you need to KNOW is that you are beautiful. You were made by a creator that knit you together with His own two hands, that made you who you are for a very specific reason! YOU are treasured & you are loved!

For those of you (and trust me I have been there) think that no one understands one loves you for who you are. I am here tonight to say...there is someone that loves you more than you will ever, ever know. You are treasured, you are loved and you were made for so much more than you are giving yourself credit. Lean on Him, ask a friend or relative about Him. He will bring you to placed emotionally, physically and mentally that you never thought possible!

Bless you all reading this. I love you.
Have a good night,


  1. Thank you for the reminder. Staring into the mirror sometimes can be hard. I repeat to myself "I am the daughter of the king and the king delights in my beauty." I make my DAUGHTER say this too (though self-esteem issues haven't started yet!)

  2. Great idea! They are never too young to learn what God thinks of them!