Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Ryan was recently telling me of a billboard (costing $20,000 to be up through the holiday season) set to go up right outside the Lincoln Tunnel leading into the city. (Yes, another reason for me to love NJ. ;)
Upon hearing it I am reminded that although the holiday season is a time of year to give thanks for all that we have & to celebrate an event that fulfilled prophecy and changed the world forever ~ the birth of Jesus. It is also a time of year where I feel that a lot of people go to war with Christianity.

Check this article out: 'Celebrate Reason'

This really just breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to be reminded that people (over 1 million in the US today) really do think that Christianity is a myth. They believe the birth/ life of Christ is a myth even though there is more historical evidence for the birth and life of Christ here on earth than most historical events that people blindly regard as fact every day.
It makes me sad to know if this same picture went up and said: "You know it is TRUTH! Jesus is the reason for the season" with any Christian organization sponsor and website a FIRESTORM would ensue and the bill board would not last long.

People, I am happy to report the battle is won, Jesus is the reason for the season!
Pray for all of those that felt the need for this billboard to go up was important, pray for those that may look at this bill board and question their faith. Pray that all of these people would come into contact this holiday season with someone that would make them think twice and crave a relationship with the one and only God.


  1. What makes me sad is that Christians celebrate Christmas the EXACT same way as atheists. Consume, consume, consume comes with a high cost--the testimony of our God!

    I will join you in prayer that people will find the TRUTH in Christ and that Christians will take more care to be righteous than right!