Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here comes the sun...nananana...

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Thought I would put up a bit of a hurricane update on the ol blog since I have not been able to keep up with the posts lately.
We live 2-blocks from the Atlantic but have slight protection with Sandy Hook here in New Jersey. That said; watching the news last week I was a bit freaked. (I was totally freaked) Sure, it could be nothing. I was hoping for that.
Saturday morning over loud speakers our town was told to be out of our homes and go to higher ground by noon. 
That gave me three hours.
Packing was a nightmare. What to bring? Should I bring the designer jeans and laptops or just the essentials. Pictures, Bible and important legal documents.
After packing the car and realizing that we had NO ROOM I opted for the first.

We are settling back in our home after our evacuation thanks to Ms Irene.
We stayed with some friends about 15-minutes away. All that mattered was that they were away from the water and their tree threat was not as bad as ours was. We stayed up all night and drank wayyy too much wine watching the weather.
The kiddos slept thru the storm which was so nice!

There are still over 300,000 people with no power in NJ and a few people in our little neighborhood did have structural damage to their homes. We are very blessed to have everything in one piece.
Stores, street lights and restaurants for the most part are still closed/ out. The amount of road closures are making it quite an adventure to get around. Its a maze out there!

Our power came on a few hours ago! Awesome!
The neighborhood was linked together with generator cords and the humming of their motors 24-hours a day. I was sleeping better at night with the noise and I was one happy camper that my refrigerator was cold and I had some Jack Johnson playing on the iPod speakers! What two plugs can bring to your life when you have no power is amazing!

This morning I was able to pop on some fresh ground coffee and load the washer to get some laundry done. I am one happy lady!

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  1. I'm so glad everyone is OK! My sis lives in NYC and was on the border of the evacuation line. She went to CT anyway and stayed with my aunt and uncle. Crazy storm! Isn't amazing how much we love our coffee and music? :)

    Oh and as for the snake...I pretty much look in the sink everytime I go into my bathroom...I never want to do that again!