Monday, August 15, 2011

Eating our way through NYC...

We were able to escape minus the Lilly this weekend for Ryan's birthday.
It was so nice to have uninterrupted conversations and sleep in a bit!
We were also able to meet up with our good friends John and Deanna.
The highlight is always the yummy food and pretty restaurants when we go into the city and as always we were NOT disappointed with what the city had to offer this trip. Here were some of the places we ate:

Friday nights dinner was ubber yummy at Zengo.
This is a Richard Sandoval restaurant. The menu was Asian-Latin fusion. Seriously; everything we had was amazing!
To start the Edamame, Thai Chicken empanadas, & braised short rib flat bread
For the main course the majority of us had the wagyu skirt steak topped with churrasco tempura scallion / crispy fingerling tostones / mushroom chimichurri & served with an chipotle egg sauce.
The wine was awesome and the decor was beautiful.

On Saturday we ate at the Hurricane Club
This restaurant served Hawaiian food. The drink menu was extensive and served some beautiful cocktails! I started off with the chili margarita (#43, the Waikiki) and after one went to my safe place of wine. :)
To start we had the crispy calamari salad and tri-tip skewers. This dish came with 6-dips! (For those of you from the west coast know tri-tip and for those of you from the east have never heard of it. Amazing cut of beef, its my favorite and I can only get it when I visit home in California. It was on the menu here; awesome!!!)
The evening was ended with the crispy Peking pig. By the time this arrived at the table I was already in a food coma so we barely were able to touch it. Hopefully the nice hopeless man outside was able to enjoy our take-out for us.

Lastly on our way home we stopped for brunch at Sarabeth's on Madison. I honest to golly had the BEST pancakes of all time! The lemon ricotta pancakes served with fresh berries and maple syrup are still on my mind this morning! I wanntttt morreee!
For those of you that know me you know that I am a blog whore! I love finding new blogs, I love being inspired by amazing people and their great ideas and I love trying new recipes that I find along the way. Before Sarabeth's restaurants opened she was making jam in her and her husbands NYC apartment. The word got out that her jams were amazing, her baked goods to die for and she now has three NYC restaurants! I love hearing stories like this. Like I said, I am inspired! 

The weekend was relaxing, the food was amazing and Ryan and I were able to finally catch up after all we do have a vocal 2-year old now and he is traveling entirely too often. 

Happy Birthday love; I had a blast with you and I look forward to many more birthdays with you!! oxox

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Ryan! Jill, call you soon to catch up. Miss you and love ya!