Saturday, August 24, 2013

I did not sign up for this:

You are welcome for the visual and for the fact that you are probably a bit itchy right now... ;)

This fraken thing was in my bathroom as I dreamily wandered in there to pee last night.

Apparently, its completely normal down here and they are nocturnal.
This means I will not be getting out of bed for any-fraken-thing in the middle of the night. I will lay there under the fan (which they will avoid) until the crack of dawn when they scurry away to their hiding places. (WHEREVER THE HECK THAT MIGHT BE!)

I did make the mistake of Googling these damn things this morning. Should not have done that; however I did immediately thereafter load Lilly into the car and head to Home Depot for distilled white vinegar & pest killer specializing in the ol roaches.

This will be my nap time fun:

Now, do any of you have any helpful hints for me to get rid of these things or at least keep them out of my house. They can play hockey or tag or whatever they would like outside on my deck as long as I am not there but they may not come in. Absolutely not. Nope.

The white vinegar was poured down drains and flushed through toilets. It was fun. I smell amazing.

Happy Weeekeenndd everyone!

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