Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I do NOT know how my baby got to be 4!!??
She is. I am sulking...but look at that face.
I am beyond thankful for this crazy girl. She makes me a better person. Every. Single. Day.
What an amazing soul. May God bless my baby for the rest of her beautiful life.

Somebody has new Radio Flyer wheels!

I am telling you...she is nuts. I am in trouble!
Striking a pose with her new Hello Kitty shades.

We started her day with her fav pancake recipe made into cake pops. I mean; what is better than that!

Because; I too am crazy and can not give her syrup. It makes me cringe. Until I get over it or she catches on there is this & it works. ;)

Then...we headed to the NC shore (Wilmington) for the weekend!
Again; I am in trouble. Total diva. What a blast this girl had in the water!

Thankfully Lilly calmed down each night to enjoy the sunset. 
What a beautiful place.

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