Monday, June 6, 2011

Outdoor playtime is the best!

Noni and Pop-pop dropped off a Little Tykes play house the other day...Lilly has not wanted it to leave her site since. From the moment she wakes up until bed time its all about "my house".
Lilly and I have some decorating plans in the works. It needs curtains and more flowers to start. Then area rugs and dishes. This is going to be a fun project. :)

The little house fits perfect in the corner of the deck and blocks the stairway. No gate needed; awesome!
Now that I am looking at it...a welcome mat and an american flag? Yes!

I have been promising pictures of my SCORE of a  $60.00 teak table and chair set for our deck! I have no shame in purchasing stuff off of the neighbors lawn on random Thursday afternoons. Love it.

Here is an updated picture of the living space that we occupy each night. I am working on getting more pots and an area rug. Almost finished!

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  1. Love your outdoor space! I want to chill on it with you and drink a Skinny Girl! Yes, a welcome mat is definitely needed for Lil's house and a potted plant by the front door:)