Friday, February 8, 2013


Its been a rough week.
I thought I would post a few happy things. It is Friday after all. :) 

Here is to praying that we can actually get out of this nor eastern blizzard that is on its way tonight & enjoy some sand and sun. I need to reboot after the last 13-months of life.

I am inspired to:
Take one step at a time.

I am inspired to take the bridge where ever it may lead.
Doesn't this bridge make you want to breathe in the spring air and disappear for a long walk?

I am inspired by the shear cheer of this lil house.
This looks to be about the cheeriest Valentines Day house ever!
Mommys new get-away house? Yes, please!

Often times I am inspired over breakfast and my morning coffee.
Since it is breakfast time this little nook of a dining area is speaking to me. How cheery is this corner!
Its bright, yellow and sunny. Happiness!

Inspired to try this recipe. I have had it saved to my favorites for a while now!
Blueberry cream french toast. Boy, am I hungry!!

What are all of your plans this weekend? Are you feeling any specific inspiration?
I am praying that during my week off I am inspired to be inspired. I feel like this will mean that I am simply still and simply in touch and listening to what God may be trying to tell me.
Ever get the feeling like you may be missing a serious life lesson because you can not calm yourself the freak down!?
I sure do.

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