Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Cayman!

As promised I am posting a few pictures from our trip.
I will also be adding pictures of our trip to California in a few minutes. Yay!!!!!

This is my happy Cayman face.
I would like for you all to take notice of my awesome new old lady beach hat. I love it for its coverage and the fact that it lays flat in my suitcase. Travel friendly I tell ya!

Don't you just love my cheesy-holding-the-camera-myself pics?
They are lovely.

This is a picture of the mojito that I had every single day with my lunch.
No judging. I was on vacation. :)

Most of my pictures of the water are taken around sunset. This is due to the fact that after all of my book reading and swimming I finally remembered to snap shots at the end of the day.
Would you just look at this view from my beach chair.
Beyond peaceful.

There is a new area that they are building up on the island that is similar to Pier Village in Long Branch here in NJ.
It has a lot of shopping and restaurants.
There is an amazing observation tower thats inside is covered in amazing mosaics.

Camana Bay from the top of the tower.

Forgive the water shots.
There are a few.
I wanted to make sure to have lots of images to print out for myself as reminders of where my soul finds rest.
I am beyond thankful that I have a God that created such a beautiful place.

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