Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RuMe bags!

Let me start by saying I think I will always be on the hunt for the perfect carry on bag. 
Now that my life is a bit more complicated with sippy cups, baby wipes, snacks, toys, diapers...oh, and me stuff... I need the bag that I can juggle with on in one trip. Also, now that airline travel gets more complicated by the second I need the bag that will be my best friend through the airport. 
I stumbled across these bags on one of my baby nap time browsing times: RuMe bags. Let me just say they have adorable grocery shopping bags, kiddo bags, snack bags, carry on bags, and "diaper" bags! 
Here are links to a few of my favs: 

1 comment:

  1. Super cute bags! Not sure I could pull off the shiny ones but they look fun!

    Love the new blog look. Very nice. And of course the pictures of your little one are adorable! Such a sweetie!