Friday, November 1, 2013

Catch up time.

I can not believe that it has already been close to a month since we last chatted.
Since then I had a much needed visit with my parents, went out to Wilmington, New Bern and Beaufort, took a trip up to New Jerz, & celebrated our first Halloween in this amazing hood.
It has been a good month, a scary month, an emotional month & a month drizzled with much prayer throughout each day.
All of this said; I promise one post that is sure to be all over the place!

My beautiful, strong, amazing parents on the waterfront in Wilmington:

There were so many birds flying through the air in this picture, but they look like dirt specks here. Oh, well! Once again, the skyline in New Bern is just gorgeous!

My pretty girl...

On our way out of town my Dad popped out to look at this old cemetery in Beaufort. I should have taken more pictures; the trees were magical. 

Lilly and I decked out to paint birdhouses one afternoon. What fun we had!

 Lilly is growing up so fast! She is still having a BLAST in preschool & making new friends. 

Lilly got to dress up twice in one week for Halloween! Last week they did their school pictures at school. They were to come in costume! We finally narrowed down what she wanted to be from: unicorn, puppy, princess, Minnie & cat
Here she is:
Last night she insisted on a pink cat face:
 Then decided it was too light.
Black cat face shot. LOL!
Our neighborhood rules! We had SO much fun last night and for the first time I got rid of all of my candy! YAY! There were a ton of kiddos trick-or-treating and all of the older people on the block decorated their porches and sat outside handing out candy. I just love, love, love it here.

Now, this song has been getting lots of play on our Christian radio station. It speaks to me, it calms me, it put things in perspective lately. He is the only reason I am standing, that I am sane, that I have joy, that I have hope. He is MY ANSWER! I am beyond thankful for this today. I am thankful that His mercies are new every single morning. They are.

I pray for those of you that feel heavy that this song will bring you much needed peace.

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