Friday, November 8, 2013


Now, I THINK I have mentioned Stitch Fix before but if not here goes a rant on the best new online service ever. EVER.

This is a online stylist service. Once a month, or if you choose more often or less frequently you will receive a pretty box at your door step with two outfit options that have been hand picked for you. You then have three days to touch them, try them on, check your bank account and see which of the items you can/ want to keep. If you decide to return some or all of the items you place them back in the pretty box, affix the prepaid shipping label and get your toosh to the post office. If you decide to keep the items. GUILTY! You get 15% off your order!

This service is so much fun ladies! Honestly! Even if you just want to browse the service and start your profile without making a commitment you TOTALLY can. 

Stitch Fix it up my friends. Not to mention if you refer peeps (eehhheemm) you get a $25.00 credit to your account. Score!
Here are some shots of my first fix:

This is a great edgy, cool, cozy sweater/jacket. It zips up or you can leave it open.
This jacket is a pretty dark grey color here. (no thanks to my camera)

This is a great soft, plum shirt that is great with leggings or skinny jeans. Hides all the "wrong" curves, while showing the good ones!

This sweater I debated on keeping but it is great for those casual days with some rolled jeans and Toms!
Don't you just love how they send style cards with each piece? The best!

This necklace did not come with a style card (obvi) so here is the pretty.
It is a great tear drop shorter length necklace.

Is there such thing as too many maxi skirts? I personally do not think so! They work year round! The one that I have currently hits my tummy in the perfectly WRONG place; this one just perfect! It is a pretty navy blue color:

There you have it; my new obsession. ;) 

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