Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful we are finally healthy!

First of all, welcome to the recently face-lifted blog! I needed a change and it came out adorable thanks to Kotryna over at KotrynaBass Design!

The radio silence has been in part to the fact that this house has been so sick for the last few weeks! We are finally getting back to normal! We are healthy, we are sassy, we are back in school and I am in full decorating for the holidays mode!

Here is a glance into our life this Monday morning:
Fresh coffee and silly faces. Love.

Target sucked me right in and made me purchase boxes and boxes of white Christmas lights and this adorbs JOY marquee light. I am thinking its final home will be on the mantle. For now, because I have no patients and I had to see it. Bookcase it is.

Here I go. I can not help myself & rest assured these lights will be all over the house until we move.
PS The new seasonal soap flavor I can not get enough of: Method Cinnamon Vanilla. Heaven!

I AM SO GLAD we are healthy! Thank you Lord. Now, lets pray we stay healthy through the holidays! 
Speaking of which...

How the heck did it get to be mid-November? We are hosting Thanksgiving in the new Raleigh digs and I am a bit overwhelmed with my ideas for Thanksgiving.

There will be turkey, there will be mashed potatoes, there will be wine and there will be family. Check, check, check, check & check. Thanks to Pinterest I am having to narrow down the decoration ideas floating around in my head. What fun!

What are you all up to for Thanksgiving?? 

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  1. Love! Can't wait to see you! Just got my mail and you made my day! Can't wait to wear my new scarf tomorrow! Thank you! You are the best!