Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn is in the air?

FIRST OF ALL! *HAPPY FREAKING DANCE!!* My parents are on the train from DC and will be arriving in Raleigh in just a few short hours. CAN. NOT. WAIT!


We did have "fall like days" last week, which sent me straight to the farmers market for pumpkins and such. I lit my pumpkin candle, lit lanterns, dug my leggings and booties out. I made harvest soup for goodness sake!

Now; its in the 80's and my autumn fever is fading...and it looks like a pumpkin breading ground in and around my house.
Here are some shots:

Fall mantle happiness:

Entry table pumpkin happiness:

Lilly is painting every white pumpkin and pine cone she can get her hands on!
(mountain girl pays $5.00 for a small bag of pine cones...what a crime!)

Thought I would give you some outdoor shots too:

Thank you for stopping in! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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