Monday, March 18, 2013

Its just worse on Monday...

The bird chirping outside my bedroom window as I try to get a few more moments of peaceful rest is just annoying...because its Monday.
The sounds of the garbage truck is just more annoying...because its Monday.
The gloomy weather outside is just beyond annoying...because its Monday.

I was reading Edies post over at Life in Grace a few moments ago and it spoke to me in ways that she may not have even intended.
It is my mood lately that has left me feeling like such a failure. I am thankful that spring is on its way. I am thankful that we are promised flower blossoms, renewal that comes with Easter and His reminder that He loved us so dang much that He sent His son Jesus to die for us.
Life is just better when my eyes are fixed on Jesus. There is nothing else that will take away the Mondays.

Maybe its the weather. Maybe its the isolation. Maybe its the uncertainty of what is going to happen with our house and our future. Maybe it just my chronic guilt.
It is all worse on Monday.
But for this I am grateful...

II Corinthians 12:9-10

Time for some Kava tea and a quiet time.
Love you all and hope you have a lovely day.

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