Friday, March 8, 2013

Inspired Friday!

With the snow falling at a steady clip this morning I am dreaming of shorts, sunshine and yummy food.

Typically, darker painted rooms are not my favorite but this one is made warm and cozy with the bright light, pops of flowers, and beautiful timeless pieces.
Is that a stove below the mirror? Amazing!

Source: via Troy on Pinterest

Pretty much loving each of these pieces minus the bikini clad miss in the corner (who knows) and the vest. Lets be honest; I wouldn't wear the vest. ;)

Source: via Vero on Pinterest

My kindle, some iced tea and this room. Yes, please!

Everything about this veggie curry spread looks amazing!
I may be adding this to the meal mix for next week. Stay tuned folks!

Nothing too excited planned for the weekend. Staying warm and dreaming of flower pots and BBQ's...ya know; my usual. ;)

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