Thursday, September 3, 2009

The long overdue update...

Soooo...Obviously, I am a bit behind in my updates!
Forgive my technologically challenged, sleep deprived new mommy-hood brain but figuring out this blogging thing is all a bit overwhelming for me to figure out these days...hehe!

Our little bundle Lilly Grace was born on Saturday, August 1st at 10:49AM. She weighed in at 7.10 lbs. & 20 inches long. I can honestly say that it was love at first sight. Her first 24-hours were filled with calm and a pure checken out of the world around her. The second she was born and placed in my arms she just looked at us...aww...I loved it!
The last 5-weeks have been a bit of trial and error for us as new parents but thank the Lord; our daughter is very patient with us. God is good...she is amazing. She has slept through the night many times, eats every three hours and is quite a joy in the morning. ( I am learning as I need coffee ASAP in order to function as a normal human being each morning...); needless to say, Lilly is an awesome morning wake up call smiling and coo-ing bright eyed each day.

Our prayer is that we hold in our hands a little girl that already knows her creator, an awesome God, best friend and Father that will never leave nor forsake her. This has been my prayer for her since she was conceived.

Please follow along with us as we blog about our new world.
We love and miss all of you...God bless...

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