Monday, September 14, 2009

6-weeks old!

Mommy & Lilly were able to go out clothes shopping today. Its beautiful weather, but the seasons are changing! That said Ms Lilly needed some jeans, sleepers and long sleeved onsies...Mom needed an excuse to go shopping since she cant for herself yet with the post baby figure still lingering! ;)
I am so thankful for my little lady. Today she has been a complete joy (not that she isn't other know what I mean). We have been doing a lot of smiling, talking and hanging out in the swing. It is growing on her thank goodness! As long as I am within sight I can pay bills, catch up on phone calls and go through the mail all with free hands! YAY!
Also, I am looking forward to evening nap time given that the Giants are finally on east coast TV since they are working their way to the playoffs! With Ryan gone this week dinner time can be quite lonely around here especially when you have making baby talk all day.
I promise to get some more pictures out today.
Love you so much!

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