Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bath time & naps...We love those!

Lilly squeaky clean after her mallow bath!!
Lilly napping after the mallow bath and a yummy bottle!

I know it has been a while since I have posted last...I apologize...!
Fall is falling here and Ryan is taking more and more trips so emotions are running high here ;) We are working on a trip home here shortly for some Mommy mental mending. Its much needed and long overdue. I am so thankful for my loving, supportive husband, airplanes and family.
Lilly's next doctor visit is Thursday afternoon so be praying that I don't faint as she is having her first shots! AHHH! She is growing soooo fast. Right now we are working on talking. When she does her adorable girly baby coo's she stops and looks around probably wondering where that noise came from. Last night we were able to hold a bit of a conversation while changing into her jammies. We are also working on sucking our thumb...I show her how its done and she immatates me! She is such a smart little girl.
Love you all and talk with you soon,
oxox Jillian
PS Stay tuned for a video. I just couldnt post the one I have cause my baby talk is just TOO EMBARRASING!!

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