Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School is back in session (Thank you Jesus)!

My little girl is beyond excited that school is finally back in session. I on the other hand; given the temperature outside (7 degrees) do NOT want to leave the house golly dang it! One of the reasons we moved to Raleigh was for the mild winters and this is not what I was anticipating.

Also, I shipped all of our jackets from California to save room in our suitcase. Who is the awesome mom that has NO winter coats for my daughter to wear? I had to run to target and get a cheapy, ugly down jacket bc that's all that is left on the racks when all of the spring clothes are coming out already. Yikes!

Anyways…here is a pic of my happy girl:

...no judgeie judgie about the mess you see in the background HA!…I am playing catch up around here. ;)

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