Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A little catch up. December pics.

We had a lovely December and were able to spend it in the Bay Area with some family.
As you can tell I am trying to get back into my groove.

I knew some of you would appreciate some pics. Most of them are not the best quality since they were taken with my phone but you will get the idea. ;)

Lilly getting herself situated in her seat on the plane as her and I set out on our cross country adventure.

My adorable little sister was expecting her first baby upon our arrival so the first week was spent primping! Lilly sure does like to get her pedicure on. PINK toes; of course. 

 Lilly's main squeeze. Would you look at Macie's face?!

Macie getting cozy with my brother. The dog looks thrilled here.

It is true love! Yes, the dog is wearing her Christmas sweater & she loved it.

There was way too much video game playing in my opinion. hehe BUT Lilly loved it.

Here is my adorbs little sister trying to walk this baby out at the zoo. Sure enough that very night She went into labor!

My girl loving the Oakland zoo!

Meet Miss Violet Juliana!! I am one heck of a proud auntie.
Isn't she beautiful?
Love her & miss her tons already!!!!!!!!

The celebratory champs:

Our favorite Christmas present of all...

We did have a quick beach run too...
which in turn brought me much…

Hope y'all had a lovely holiday season & you are hanging in there this January!

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