Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I want today...

There is only so much a 2-year old can do or say at the end of the day to make you feel like you did your job & well.

I can not help but bring my mind back to days where I had a list of meetings to attend, conference calls to get on, work trips to do & when I did a good job I heard from a handful of people what an awesome job that I did.
There were dinner plans throughout the week.
There were actual humans (lots of them) that I came into contact with each and every day.
There were phone calls coming in throughout the day.

These days I have been blessed with a beautiful healthy little girl whom I can stay home with. I can take pride in the fact that she eats well, she sleeps well, she has manners, she is happy, she loves me & for all of this I am very grateful.

I just miss hearing "How are you today?", "What is new with you?", "How was your week?", "You look upset what is going on?", "Are you okay today?", "Great job today!"

Am I the only Mother that feels this way?
Grown-up interaction is a powerful thing people.
Do not take it for granted.

Again, I am grateful for my life & what I have. I just get lonely. I just want to know I am doing a good job.
I need to remind myself that what I am doing every day is important even though I do not feel like it some/ most days.

I need to remember such things...

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