Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just the way you are...

I read this post yesterday: A Little bird told me
It was perfect. I really do just love when I get a nugget of encouragement that meets me just where I am & feeds my soul.

I am always trying to tune out the voices that want me to compare my life, my image, my body, my spiritual walk, my mothering to evvveryyyoonneee else. It sure is hard living in a time where we are so connected to the rest of the world. There sure is a lot of people to compare myself to while looking at the television, the internet, my smart phone, etc all day, every day.

Enough is enough. I am enough. I am just who I was meant to be.
I am here to tell you; to tell myself today you are enough, you are beautiful and ...

*sigh of relief here*

I do not believe that God wants me to be beating myself up for the mistakes I may have made today. He wants me to take the lesson and growww through it. 
Stop beating yourself up. Stop comparing yourself. Embrace the beauty of the creation the way you are.

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