Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy weekend everyone...

While I went into this upcoming weekend wanting nothing more than to be pampered this upcoming weekend; after my most recent awakening (as per yesterdays post) I wanted to also give myself some homework.
This Mothers Day I want to make a vow to my daughter to be a better Mommy.
I treasure the bestowing of our daughter to us.
Lilly is amazing.

I want all of her dreams to come true...

As you may have seen from yesterday I am working on me.

Its time for a new momma in this home.

Happy Mothers Day to you mothers out there! May you feel special this weekend.

P.S. Mom, I love you more than you will ever, ever know. You are amazing. Truly. May God Bless you. May He protect you. May He heal you. I am a better person because you loved me, because you continue to love me. Bless you today Mom. Love you, miss you (tons). oxox, Me

Here are some of my fav. tunes to get you into the weekend spirit whether that be happy, reflective, heavy, or wanting to get that groove on...(You know there is always music playing in this house so I thought it only appropriate)
Now, get your Mothers Day weekend groove on peeps...

For your chill moment try:

For your reflective moment try:

For your groove session try:

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