Friday, April 20, 2012

My heart loves...

While I love this quote I have learned that my heart loves many things...
running like there is no tomorrow, like quiet moments, like digging your feet deep within sea sand, like the love of a mother, like the listening ear of a dear friend, like the sound of the crashing waves, like the sound of innocent happiness, like the beauty of a blooming flower, like crashing thunder, like angry wind, like pounding rain, like emotional breakthroughs, like pure love... 

You can not depend on one thing to make your heart healthy.
You can only entrust your heart to THE one person that created that precious heart; that knows exactly what that precious heart needs and just how long it is going to last...

Jesus my best friend; God my creator knows me inside and out.
I trust Him with this precious heart.
It wounds easily.
It is sensitive.
It searches.
It aches.
It rejoices.
It praises.
It rests.
With 1...
My Lord. My Savior.

Who or what is your savior this day?

Life is long. Life is tiring. Life does.not.make.sense.
Who is your Savior?

John 3:16
I am thankful that I found one that loved me enough to die & raise again.

May your heart find rest this weekend.
God is good.
Rest in Him. He loves you.

My heart only finds rest in my Lord, my savior, my best friend, my creator, my God.

Be blessed my dear readers.
I love you and I pray blessings upon you and your family's this awesome weekend!

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