Friday, December 10, 2010

Master BR picture update...

The master is coming along. I am currently on the hunt for hardware to get the curtains hung appropriately and the vanity and side table completed.
Here are some updated pictures. I am sorry they are not the best. Feeling a bit yucko today so I didn't have the energy to fight with the camera & lighting.

Orange and yellow...happiness!

Here is the vanity painted and awaiting a mirror and hardware.

Grabbed this beautiful fabric at Joanne's last week. Complete coincidence that it matches one of my comforters PERFECTLY! Awesome.

Here is one of the two splashes of teal that I was able to sneak into the room. Love it.

Two. Not a good shot. Once I post the final pictures hopefully the picture will show the teal take 2 in a better light.
So there you have it. Update. :)


  1. Beautiful! For the record I love the teal! Good job Jillian.

  2. Love it! See you soon and sad to hear you aren't feeling well! Take it easy! HUGS and LOVE!