Monday, December 6, 2010

While the pumpkin sleeps...

So...I have yet another little project. I am super excited since our bedroom has always been the step-child of the home. I decided it was time for some much-needed love.
I inherited this beautiful vanity and chairs. Thank you Sharon.
Bottom line, it was a huge blessing. Not only did it finish the room it provided a project that kept me nice and busy during yet another long week of my Lovie being out of town.

Here are some before pics of the bare, lost room...
tomorrow I will post an update. I am ubber excited how it is all coming together...


Taped off dresser top for some teal paintage. Yes, I did say teal and yes, Ryan is not so sure of the color. I love it, it is staying. ;)

Bed area with the updated candle sconces/ bedside lighting. Very cozy.


  1. so cute! and I LOVE Teal!! Although I doubt if you say to your hubby "my blogging friends said they love the color" that will help your case...but had to share it anyway ; )