Monday, April 1, 2013


I do hope that this post finds you having enjoyed an awesome Easter weekend.
I can not believe it is over but we did have a really nice weekend.
My flowers are starting to bloom and the average temperature has been in the 60's for the last few days so I am encouraged.

We laid low, had our Tia Shayla stay the weekend. Lilly's little friend Jack had his 4th Birthday party on Saturday and honestly I spent the entire day cooking and playing stealth Easter Bunny yesterday.
Easter is one of my favorite holidays for the following reasons:
It is a celebration of Jesus's resurrection! How amazing is that!! 
Signs of spring are showing in the budding trees and flowers.
I am reminded that after a long winter, dreary days and colorless landscape that God makes all things new. It is a time of renewal and encouragement. 

What did you all do over the weekend?

My beautiful little girl trying ever so hard to pause from her exciting hunt to pose for her mommy.

In other news:
What we are eating - 
We are still on the wagon with our clean eating routine and feeling kinda better than ever.

(My "go to meal" Tempeh, veggies and peanut sauce...)

What I am reading - 

Barefoot Season (prequel to Three Sisters) by Susan Mallery

What I am looking forward to - 
Planting some flowers with my girl.
Trying some new recipes from this book!
Getting on a jet plane to the west coast to see my family and a little weekend-er to Jamaica in May to see some friends get hitched.
Warm spring nights on the deck in front of a fire...ahhhh
Our house selling to an amazing family...from this keyboard to Gods ears...

What about you all? What are you looking forward to in this new season? 

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