Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I create.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I am determined to change a few things this year. That said, I am a bit freaked out about it.
For one; our house is on the market. I know God is in control of this situation and to be honest we do not really have a plan if it sells. Lilly needs a yard for a swing set and a dog. ;) The yard we have now is just not cutting it. I also need to be closer to my family. We will see where this road leads.
Secondly, I am determined to keep up with my art classes. They have just brought me such peace over the last few months and have taught me so so much about myself. Invaluable. 
Lastly, I guess I still need to chip away at getting healthier as my doctors have confirmed once again my incapability to conceive naturally. Well, since my journey to have our beautiful Lilly three years ago I am determined to work on my health issues naturally! I am in acupuncture 2x weekly, determined to get back into my yoga routine and will keep going where the peace is with quite times and art classes.
*Insert happy dance here*

Now please excuse the random pictures but I have a bit of catching up to do obviously...

My Lilly is getting too big...This is her Merry Christmas face!

There is always a pricess around these days. Why not on Christmas?!

One of the Christmas decorations around this joint. These may stay up all year. Love em!

Oh yes, Santa brought me a pair of adorbs cowboy boots!
Probably the only girl in NJ sporting a pair of these ladies, but I am okay with that!

My New Years outfit and cocktail. My oh my how times have changed! ;) 

This little reminder is hanging on my kitchen wall adorned with some white lights.
I am thinking it is the perfect 2013 reminder!

One more creation: I have been playing around with baking clay lately. Super fun!

There you have it. A little catch up.
Love you all and hope that your holidays were reflective and inspiring for the year to come.
Lets talk again tomorrow. Shall we?!

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