Thursday, January 24, 2013

I cook.

Because I am sad.
Because I am feeling drained.
Because I am tried.
I want someone to come over and make me this & to sit and eat it in peace while catching up on my overloaded DVR.

Isn't it nice to dream. ;)

It has been a hell of a month & I want chocolate.


  1. Friend, I wish that I could drive over to you right now and make this! It saved me about a hundred times last spring. I love you and want to catch up soon. Sounds like too much is happening right now for one lady to hold alone. Xoxo

  2. Friend, I wish I could drive over and make this for you right now. This very dessert saved me so many times last year. Know you are loved from Georgia and that I hope we catch up soon. You have too much going on for one person to hold alone. Xoxo.