Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So this is three...

To keep up with some of the pictures we took last week I thought I would throw in some birthday shots!
Lilly had a great birthday week. There are still hot pink balloons throughout our house as I type this!

Birthday morning and some mickey mouse pancakes = Happy little mama!

A party wouldn't be complete without the Birthday girl wearing a crown and some fairy wings! Right?

Since it was like a million degrees and totally sticky out the day of her party we broke out the pool almost immediately!

CAKE!! Four layers and lots of pink sprinkles!

This is how we roll.

A few of the party hooligans!
Lulu, Sophia, Jack and cousin Isaac!

 Once the party was over, cake crumbs & wrapping paper was scattered throughout the house we were all one hot mess. She makes a prettier hot mess than I. :)
I love you SO MUCH my Lilly Grace!!! Mommy is beyond proud of you my sweet girl!

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