Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I know.

I know to roll with the punches.
I know that tomorrow will be a new day.
I know that there is more food at the grocery store. (this is a blessing)

I know that when I went to get Lilly her morning milk I opened the fridge and it was HOT in there:
Yes, that says 99 degrees. It is hotter in there as we speak.

I know that I freaked out.
I know that I was worried at the thought of replacing everything in the dang thing.
I know that my daughter has a kind heart, came over to me and said "its going to be okay Mommy" (she is her Dads daughter).
I know that she then invited me over to her table for a tea party. "It will make you feel better if you have some tea Mommy". So I did.
I love that face!

Now, the aftermath. (A small portion of the aftermath & if only I could send you a whiff of the smell I had going on this morning in this kitchen...SOGROSS!)

Whole bunch of recycling to do today.

Why hello life saver coolers. I will be getting lots of use out of you this week/ weekend.

Happy Thursday everyone.
I am off to buy a new fridge and do some grocery shopping. Good times.


  1. what a bummer!! Cleaning the fridge is annoying enough without having it be full of spoiled food :( But let me say that I love that Lilly face too. I miss that little lady lots! and I miss you too!

  2. So sorry lovey! That has to be the worst thursday in a while, but look at it this way, you can stock your fridge with all new fresh summer yummies!

  3. Oh, I just love how children know what to say to put it i perspective...Lilly is indeed a kind hearted child, like her daddy and her mommy! Despite the nasty smell and the expense of the new fridge, at least it can be replaced and thank goodness for coolers in the meantime. Wish I was there to help.:)