Monday, June 18, 2012


Looking back I have been totally blessed to have loved in some amazing places.
Each place holds a special place in my heart & within each place I met some amazing people and learned some valuable life lessons.

I am frightened at the thought that I may be one of those people that never settle down in one place.
I am already itchy here in New Jersey and those of you that know me know I have been struggling with this for quite some time. I have been here for 7-years which is by far a record for me. Yikes!

Here are a few places I have lived along the way...

This is my home town. Quincy, CA
Truly beautiful. This will always be home.
I am ready for a visit this summer!

I moved from Quincy when I was 18 to Durango, CO to attend Fort Lewis College.
Breathtaking Colorado mountains surround this city. There is nothing like it.

Source: via Nicholas on Pinterest

From Durango I moved to San Francisco.
I will always love San much.

From San Francisco to San Mateo to Burlingame (all within the Bay Area) I moved to Shell Beach; just moments from downtown San Luis Obispo.
This was hands down my favorite place on earth. Unfortunately, some yucky life happened there and I had to move on. I miss you much!

Currently, I am on the Jersey shore. We have a beautiful home and we are raising one little energetic girl.
(We live on the far right of this shot 2-blocks from the marina.)

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Lord, where shall we go next? Only you know and I am ready when you are...
Where are some of your favorite places you have lived?

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  1. Gorgeous photos! What a blessing to be in so many beautiful places. Sometimes I get jealous of those who get to go and see more of our country, but then I'm reminded that I'm where I need to be. Thanks for sharing your story like this!

    As for my favorite places I've lived...I'm pretty boring since Denver, Omaha and Durango are the only 3 places I've ever lived :) But I love Durango! Although sometimes I wish a big city were a bit closer...