Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring fever...

I have enjoyed this winter more than most. We have had a lot of sun, a lot of 70 degree days and little snow. Thank you Lord!
Now, depending on the weather man that you have on speed dial some say winter is over. This means I am full on decorating for spring people. 

The Easter baskets are being built. 
I have ordered some lovely spring scents for the home at Scentsy.
I am plotting which flower pot will go where and I am Googling landscapers as we speak.
I am crazy. I know. 
Don't these pictures just make you happy?!


Have a lovely day everyone.

This dress from J. Crew is on my wish list for the spring!
I am thinking wedges and some turquoise jewelry...
Source: via Colleen on Pinterest

This is a sweet dress.
I am thinking with these ladies:

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  1. You are inspiring me! We are looking for a new place to call home so I am gathering all new ideas regardless of where we end up:) Miss you!