Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forks Over Knives

I know at times people think I am a little extreme with our family diet.
I guess I am.

I am passionate about giving my daughter the most healthy life I can while she is under our roof.
I admit when we chose to live this lifestyle I was hesitant b/c lets face it eating organic is really expensive, fast food is really good and there is nothing better than a slice of NY pizza! Not to mention I would rather have bought a pair of shoes than spend an extra amount of money on weekly grocery shopping.

What I know is that in my short lifetime I:
have struggled with infertility
have seen loved ones die of cancer, & continue to fight cancer
have seen love ones struggle with weight, diabetes & heart issues...

What I know is that food plays a huge roll in our health.
I know that insurance companies are making a HUGE amount of money off of sick people.
I know that they do not make money off of healthy people, they do not make money off of dead people & they do make money off of sick people. A lot of it.

What I know is that when I eat right I feel good about myself, my skin glows, I am energized, I do not need coffee in the morning, I drink it because I love the taste. It makes me happy. While I must accept the fact that I am the Khloe Kardashian as far as my body goes in my family, I may as well feel good about it. I promise you that if you try this for 2-weeks you WILL FEEL BETTER. If not tell me I am crazy.

What I know is that yes, I will die. I would like for it to be peaceful, with as little pain as possible and not while loaded with prescription medication. I would like God, to say "Jillian, your time is up come join me in paradise." I would like to die of old age and look back and say that I took care of myself and my family the best way that I knew how.

Of course there will be exceptions. In the mean time I am going to try my darndest to eat as good as I can with the resources at hand.

Take a look at this trailer. Rent the movie "Forks over Knives" on Netflix and let me know what you think. I am jazzed. I have cleaned out my pantry and my fridge (once again) & I am roaring to go.

I have also provided some awesome links for some recipe ideas if this is something that you would like to give a go! 

The Alkaline Sisters.
Beautiful pictures to get you in the mood to make awesomely healthy food!

The Gracious Pantry.
I just found this blog, but this woman reminds me of a lot of us out there just wanting to cook the healthiest we can for our families. Have a looksie.

Nutrition to Invigorate. 
I also just found this blog. Linda is a life coach and nutritionist. She post mostly, juices, smoothies and food combining recipes. Love it!

With Style & Grace.
Lisa's passion is gluten free diet and life coaching. She has some of the. most. amazing. recipes! Honestly, I love this woman. Super talented!

Trust me this can be exciting if you let it! :)

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