Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some of my favorite products cont.

Now, I know I had done a post quite some time ago (HERE) where I had said I was going to take you on a journey of some of my favorite natural products for the body and for the home.
Ops! Its been a while.

Thanks to a dear friend asking me some questions today I am getting back on that wagon.

I purchase a lot of my items from Soap/ Diapers/ Beauty While sometimes they are a a few more bucks; I do not have to drive, the shipping is free if  you order $39.00 worth of stuff and it is on your door step the NEXTDAY! Yes, please.

To start some of my favorites for the body - 

I get this stuff at

I love this face wash because it leaves your skin clean and feeling totally hydrated.  

Available at Ulta, Sephora or online.
There are no chemicals in this stuff, it is not heavy and it covers the face perfectly. Love.
Available at Ulta & Sephora locally or online.
Everyone needs a powder in their purse. Not only is this one adorable to tote around, but it is all natural. Worth. the. cash. ladies.
Available at Whole Foods & here.
I was skeptical of hippie Shampoos but let me tell you; Natures Gate has some amazing products. Their Shampoo works really well and they have a huge line. P.S. These puppies smell yummy too.

Available at Target!
I have fallen in LOVE with the Boots/ No. 7 line that Target. Their Botanics line is awesome, natural and affordable. Sign me up.

These products are available at Sephora and here.
My sister turned me onto this deodorant quite some time ago. I have been hooked ever since. There is NO ALUMINUM in the deo and really; it works. Now I use the perfume, lotions, body washes and deodorant. Hooked on all of it.
Good and good for you. ;)

That ties up the body section. Next up; for the baby and for the home.
Please send me any questions that you may have. I am happy to help you find some natural products that may fit your needs.

Peace out. Have a good night. :) 

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